MEMORIES: Our Girl loved Grentz’s and her coaching

Grentz wins Lapchick

Mon, 08/19/2013 – 10:11am | The Associated Press
Photo by: Rick Danzl

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NEW YORK — Former Illinois coach — and women’s basketball pioneer — Theresa Grentz has been selected as a 2013 recipient of the Lapchick Character Award.

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We were season ticket holders in the old college avenue gym.

Before RU women were big time. 

Frau Reinke would pick me up at the train station so we could make the games on time.

I asked her once why it was so important to her.

“I know I could have done that if we weren’t so poor. Those girls have no idea how lucky they are.”

Makes me sad to think about it now.

Glad that Grentz is honored.

I know she has one fan in high places pulling for her.

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