ECONOMICS: @tswif13 is cheaper in Chicago than NYC?

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Are we seeing Taylor Swift’s ‘Red’ again?
August 08, 2013

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You are probably thinking, wait, pop star Taylor Swift is coming to town again? Nope, she hasn’t been here with “The Red” tour. You’ve just heard so much about it already, and there haven’t been too many music award shows recently that haven’t had a Swift performance or sighting that makes it feel like we’ve seen her already. But, really can you ever have enough of the fresh-faced, spry Swift? Sure, her pop music niche is not for everyone, but neither is Lady Gaga’s.

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Details: 6:30 p.m. Saturday at Soldier Field, 1410 S. Museum Campus Drive; $59.50-$99.50; 800-745-3000,

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Now there is no doubt that Ms. Swift (@tswift13 or Tay to us “swifties”) is an economic engine. A phenom! I’m curious to see if she can transition over time. (All the great women performers do — Dolly Parton, Reba, Madona!)

What I found interesting in this story is that the price range of Chigao tix was dramatically different that the NYC prices of 80 to 2500. (No scalpers!)

Either the Chicago story is wrong or there is a premium to going to New York.

Considering that the show is essentially the same — except for the special guest and the banter about the location — one wonders if it might not be a better experience to travel to the show in a cheaper region.

For example, I’d travel to Chicago to get on the floor or in the pit. But I wouldn’t pay 2500$; but I would pay $100.

Laff, yes old swifties are a sad lot trying to recapture our lost youth.

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