MEMORIES: Are the “medicine men” for real

are you kidding me?

Two years after Our Girl passes, I get a bill for $200 for her diagnostic care.

R U <synonym for excrement> ing me?

Sorry, but she was fully insured. (Two coverages to be exact!)

AND now for the first time I hear that I supposedly owe you money.

(Aside from that the estate was legally closed a year ago.)

Can anyone suggest what I should do?

First think that came to mind was to call and say “Who the hell are you any way?” Not like I wouldn’t recognize any of the names of her docs!!!


I’m a peaceful fellow, but this makes me crazed!

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INSPIRATIONAL: five secrets to making a fool out of my self

5 Secrets to Public Speaking
by Washingtons Blog – August 24th, 2013, 1:30am

*** begin quote *** 

There are five secrets to giving a successful talk or presentation:

(1) Energy

(2) Harness your nerves

(3) Fake It ‘Till You Make It

(4) Future Pacing, and

(5) Preparation

*** end quote ***

This comes along at a perfect time. I’m been asked to speak to a group of young adults. 

I guess I have fooled the inviter into thinking I have some special insight, skill or whiz dumb to impart.

Hence I guess I’ll have to do #3 until I have some sort of Epiphany?

My mantra for this is: “Networking, Burn Rate, …. and what else”.

From the pov of a fat old white guy injineer.


I can feel the “energy” flowing now.

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