RANT: Death Penalty is cruel, unusual, immoral, ineffective, and inefficient

Hasan Sentenced to Death in Fort Hood Shooting
A jury of U.S. Army officers sentenced Nidal Hasan to death for a mass shooting at Fort Hood in 2009 that ranks among the most worst soldier-on-soldier killings in the history of the nation’s military.

The sentence brings to a close a court martial in which the 42-year-old Army major offered essentially no defense to the Nov. 5, 2009, attack, in which 13 people were killed and 31 others injured. Maj. Hasan was convicted Friday of multiple counts of premeditated murder and attempted murder in connection with the shooting.

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Sorry but the State NEVER has the right to put anyone to death.

(I can understand the death penalty for someone who is too dangerous to incarcerate. Think Devil’s Island somewhere.)

Strategically, it’s something that can never be undone.

Tactically, it’s just not pro-life.

Plus, as an adder, isn’t this just what he wants?

Sorry, but I disagree.



How to Get Inspiring Ideas for Starting a Part-time Business

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But before getting started, any part-time business venture should work within the following parameters:

It should not conflict with your full-time job (i.e., it won’t cause you to be fired)

It shouldn’t require a lot of capital to get started

It should be within the realm of your skills, abilities and interests

You should have at least some knowledge of the profession or industry (if not, get some before you start)

It needs to be doable on a part-time basis — not all businesses are

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Jason Alba of JibberJobber has the idea that the future belongs to those who can have ten part-time jobs.

Each consisting of 4 hours each on average and that generate 10% of your desired income.

He’s not ruthless about any of the numbers; just the concept.

I’ve tried that when I was consulting and it was pretty effective as long as you could keep the sales funnel full.

The hard part was doing just that.

Still, I think he is correct. Especially as I see the may employers treat employees.

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