MEMORIES: Saturday’s shopping adventure

One of Frau Reinke’s favorite days was “back to school” shopping day. It’s was her chance to spoil children and share their simple joy in new duds. 

(As a fat old white guy injineer, I could care less about clothes. Shopping is just torture. And “skrule” was cruel and unusual punishment by some Yack in the Box!)

She directed me to carry on and gave me my instructions. I promised. So last Saturday, I did it again for her.

Funny! Nothing like a dirty old man wandering around young girls clothing stores. At least, when I was carrying a bag or two, I didn’t feel so self-conscious.

Any way, I write this post to share two serendipitous moments.

The first store we hit had music and the tune that played after our arrival was Taylor Swift’s @tswift13 “You Belong With Me”. I took that as an omen to encourage me to relax and enjoy the moment.

The day went on to its eventual conclusion when even a tween gets tired of “shopping”.

So I rewarded myself with some time at the AL410 for a Met’s loss, a Yank’s loss, and a few adult beverages.

Closing the joint, I headed home to “do” Jasper Jottings. I was strangely hungry. So I ducked into McD’s. (Yeah, I know non-primal carbs after 7PM.) Gotta Big Mac.

Home, ate, Jottings, sack!

This morning I looked at the McD receipt. It’s number 247.

That was Our Girl’s favorite-est number. 

Was that a message from the Universe?

Like well done, well pleased.

Or just coincidence?

You decide. I know what I’d like to believe.

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“My one regret in life is that I am not someone else.” – Woody Allen

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I have many regrets:

(1) I didn’t move to Nevada as I planned.

(2) I didn’t make it big!

(3) I didn’t strangle the docs that “practiced” on Our Girl.

My regrets are even more for my Mom:

(1) She didn’t get Aunt Marion’s farm. (Maybe I can get my own.)

(2) She didn’t realize the risks of a war time romance.

(3) She didn’t see my Dad’s vision of life as better?

Regrets are dumb.

(1) Life is not a VCR with a rewind function.

(2) We make our own choices; looking back is like driving by looking in the rear view mirror.

(3) All you do is make yourself unhappy.

Can’t change the past; so change the future!

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