TECHNOLOGY: “Driverless” in compared to the Gooferment’s “High Speed Rail”

Driverless Nevada
Posted by Randal O’Toole

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The introduction of true driverless cars will significantly expand personal mobility because anyone—not just people over 16 who can pass a driver’s test—will be able to use them. Driverless cars will reduce congestion and improve safety. The new mobility will significantly change the way we live. And the cars will render obsolete any and all rail transit and moderate-speed rail lines now being planned or under construction long before taxpayers finish paying the heavy debts incurred to build such lines.

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Having just driven recently for 8 hours from NJ to NH and a week later the reverse, I’d love to have had one!

Perhaps, if the car execs didn’t have their heads so far up the Gooferment’s <synonym for donkey>, then yhey could see that they are not in the “car biz”. They are in “satisfying people’s need to move” biz!


I haven’t gotten around to a Segway yet. Looked on the website and you can’t even tell how much they cost.

Do people really try and do anything to make stuff easy for commerce?


You’d think these people would be falling over people to sell ANYTHING that a buyer wants.

Sigh! If marketing is a conversation, then these folk have their listening ears closed.

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JOBSEARCH: Fake jobs from supposedly “reputable” firms

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Author: American Express fake jobs


American Express is repeatedly posting the same positions month after month. It then says they choose not to fill the position via email.  

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Just about the worst press possible for an employer. Certainly ignore anything from them. Their loss; my time.

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MONEY: Were financial markets EVER “fair”?


Are Financial Markets Still Fair?

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As exchanges let high-speed traders move in, what it means to the little guy.

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What makes anyone think that they have been getting a “fair shake”?

Front running, commissions, fees, hidden incentives to anyone in the money stream, and out and out fraud.

Bullion coins make sense if the “casino” is rigged!

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