TECHNOLOGY: A new language service  

Thursday June 9, 2011 1:51 PM EDT

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On Tuesday South Brunswick Police used a new language service to help locate a victim suffering a heart attack. At around 10am a woman called 911 from a cellphone seeking help. The dispatcher was unable to determine where the victim was or the problem. The dispatcher connected to a translator through a new program used by South Brunswick Police called Interpretalk. The translator was able to assist the dispatcher with identifying the location of the victim within two minutes of being on the call. When police officers and EMS arrived they found the 49-year-old victim was suffering a heart attack. The victim was taken to a local area hospital and is listed in good condition.

The new translation service – Interpretalk allows dispatchers and police officers to be able to communicate in 157 languages, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The service which has been available to the department since March of 2011 has been used 7 times. Chief Raymond Hayducka said, “Our community is diverse and we want to be able to assist anyone in need. This new tool gives officers and dispatchers another way to get help to people in need in an emergency.” He added, “This case clearly demonstrates the importance of being able to reach out to all aspects of our community.”

The service is used once a dispatcher or officer believes there is a language barrier. The dispatcher contacts Language Sevice Associates who provide the translation. Communication Center Supervisor James Deery said, “We could not understand where the victim was and her being on a cellphone made it more difficult. The service Interpretalk provided was quick and provided the lifesaving measures she needed.”

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Neat use of technology. From a network perspective, it’s really just a fancy three way calling option. Getting it all set up, agreed to, and paid for that was the heavy lifting. That’s effective use of technology.

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FUN: Blood drive 01 July 2011

Dear Reader,

Blood Drive in Memory of Evlynn Reinke, July 1 , 2011 (her Birthday), Midco Waste – 5 Industrial Drive- New Brunswick, NJ 08901, Hours – 12:00 to 6:00 Please call to sign up- 732-565-5880. Prize drawing for attendees.

In her last year, Ev was given more than 125 pints of blood an 75 bags of platelets. There was never even a hint that they wouldn’t be made available. Although they often came from strange places. Let’s pay those donations forward so some one else has a change. It’s truly the gift of life.

If you can’t get to New Brunswick, then give in her name locally.


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GOVEROTRAGEOUS: When do you get your “rights”

New Zealand Court: Unborn Children Have No Right to Life
by Steven Ertelt | Washington, DC | | 6/1/11 6:00 PM

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The New Zealand Court of Appeal has issued a legal decision saying unborn children have no legal rights under the laws in the Pacific island nation. It also ruled on whether the Abortion Supervisory Committee was improperly approving abortions on mental health grounds.

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When do you get “your rights”?

The NZ Court seems to feel that when they say you can have them.

There’s another school of thought that says when you can pick up a gun and defend them.

It’s when one of two sides of a conflict have enough power to hurt the other side badly enough, then we have a concession. Enough of those and we have a general acceptance of mutually agree rights.

So, when do you get yours?

And, when do the politicians and bureaucrats agreed to leave you alone?

… when there are enough people in the streets willing to kill and die for the issue.

So what IS that issue that will reverse the Gooferment as the new uncrowned King of all life?

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