FLASH: two American troops killed in Iraq


June 26, 2011 5:23 PM

Two U.S. troops die in Iraq; 11 total this month

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(AP) BAGHDAD — The U.S. military says two American troops have been killed in northern Iraq while conducting operations.

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INTERESTING: I stood up for what I think is right!

Background: To satisfy some idea that maybe I’d like to join the Free State Project (FSP) and move to NH, I went to the FSP’s big event — PORCFEST 2011 (Porcupine Festival — The porcupine is the FSP “mascot”. More like an icon. Inoffensive, but don’t mess with it.). On Friday, at one of the IDOL RANT auditions, I heard the last ranter of the session say some stuff that I found offensive. It was imho a threat to rape an unpopular woman politician. Everyone laughed. Everyone except me and the two folks I was with. The crowd was all much younger than us. Later, when I expressed my concern to my companions, they confirmed my feelings. So … never let it be said that little Johnie Reinke can keep his mouth shut … I decided to RANT about that. Here’s that rant.

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Rant about …

… the FSP / PorcFest / and yday’s rants

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Yesterday, my companions said if I do this rant, that I should be able to predict the news tomorrow. “Poor porkfester beaten by enraged ‘non aggression’ festival participants.” But like most Libertarians, I’m used tilting at windmills so here goes.

Previously to PORKfest, I was told that the difference between an anarchist and a libertarian is that the former believes that property is theft, while the latter believes that everything is property. Now, I’m beginning believe, that like the D’s and R’s, there’s no such thing as “libertarian”.

Now technically, this is more an admonishment more than a rant. In the US military, the Mennonite Church, the Quaker & Amish communities, there is the concept of admonishment. I’d call it something between negative applause and complete ostracism.

Yesterday, I attended “Idol Rant” expecting to hear “good stuff”. What I heard somewhat shocked me. I heard some one say more than once that he wanted to forcibly butt fuck Sarah Palin. And, the chair and the audience laffed and applauded this rant. A rant which might even be regarded as a felony. Threatening the violent rape of an ex VP candidate.

I would assert that was IMMORAL. Libertarians are supposed to observe the Zero Aggression Principal. The Big L Libertarian Party left me when they abandoned being the “Party of Principle” and nominated Bob Barr. Yesterday, it was immoral for any Libertarian not to say: “Excuse me, shame shame, we’ll not have any of that here.”

I, as EVERY Libertarian, should defend with my life your right to speak. Even if I disagree with what you are saying with every fiber of my being. Also, we should not condone aggression in thought, word or deed. It’s our principle.

I would further assert that it is BAD Strategy to not treat our philosophical opponents with the respect and courtesy that we would like to receive. FSPers should be aware that yday at least three prospective FSPers were very turned off by the aggression demonstrated by people who supposedly avow their dedication to the Non Aggression Principal.

I would finally assert that it is BAD tactics to talk about a particular woman in a way that we wouldn’t permit someone to say about a woman in our lives. The best way to get in a fight in a bar or on your home street is to insult or threaten your wife, your mother, your girl friend, or your daughter. If I said about your mother what that person said about Sarah, I’d expect to get an admonishment right in the kisser. Smack.

Now, I am no particular fan of Sarah. I don’t like her foreign policy. I’m not sure what her domestic policies are. But I would point out that she, until challenged by the statist media, wore the Alaska flag indicating her support of the Alaska separatist movement and specifically states’ rights. She had Libertarian leanings before running for governor.

She might be approachable and listen to our ideas. Maybe even incorporate them into action. Flies and honey are better than piss and vinegar.

She’s a woman, someone’s wife, someone’s Mom.

• She’s accomplished a lot. She’s overcome a lot. She’s better than most; worse than some.

• She has rights. Among those to be secure in her person. From aggression.

To close, I urge you to consider that maybe we need to do better actioning our beliefs and marketing FSP and little L libertarianism.

And I hope that we can all Agree To Disagree Agreeably. And make the FSP, Porcfest, and Libertarianism live up to the ideals it sets for us.

And to the atheists, Donna Nobis Pacem. But that’s a different rant.

Thanks for listening;

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The “leader” told me I was wrong. That this was “political satire”. That it’s free speech. That “words aren’t aggression”.

Yeah, right.

She used the following example: “if I said to this guy here here, I was going to put a cap in his leg. That’s aggression.” Sounds like words to me.

I must have hit a nerve, because one very young lady, a companion or friend in the group of the fellow who made the comment, got up and ranted that “that wasn’t what was intended and apologized for it”. And, as she left the stage, she offered and shook my hand very gently. Her eyes downcast. Like a reprimanded child. Classy. Maybe there is hope for the younger generation.

Needless to say I didn’t advance from the “auditions” to the “finals”. I never saw any criteria for or a list who did. That decision was the sole decision of the “leader”. I suspect that she would not want a larger audience to know how un-Libertarian they were that day. Maybe the bad funny guy advanced.

Either way, it made up my mind.

I’m no Pastor Martin Niemöller or Franz Jägerstätter. But I am pleased that I stood up for what I think is right.

FSP will surely not miss one fat old white guy injineer. But I wonder how many people this “leader” turns away.


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INSPIRATIONAL: Would you trade me for a xxxxxxxxx who would live longer?”.


TUESDAY, JUNE 14, 2011
Would You Trade Me?

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I was a teenager when my mother fought cancer. As she lay dying I was understandably upset. She squeezed my hand and pulled me close. She whispered in my ear. “Would you trade me?”. I did not understand the question, so she asked, “Would you trade me for a mother who would live longer?”.

*** and ***

If you cannot change a bad situation, do not let it define you.

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As Perry Mason would say “Objection. The question assumes facts not yet in evidence.”

Nor would there ever be any evidence.

Can’t rewind the VCR. No redos like Groundhog Day. No way to know.

I can empathize with the question.

The answer is “Of course not”. Because even if you wanted to, you can’t. So why waste your time, attention, and effort to make yourself even more unhappy.

My advice is: “Make a decision and hang on for the ride.”

Mine was a hell of a ride. Too short. But there are no guarantees when you buy your ticket to ride.


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