MONEY: BHO stole 5k$ from my wife

Whitewashing the Auto Bailouts
Posted by Daniel Ikenson

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Any verdict on the outcome of the auto industry intervention must take into account, among other things, the billions of dollars in property confiscated from the auto companies’ debt-holders; the higher risk premium built into U.S. corporate debt as a result; the costs of denying the other, more successful auto producers the spoils of competition (including additional market share and access to the resources misallocated at Chrysler and GM); the costs of rewarding irresponsible actors (like the UAW) by insulating them from the outcomes of what should have been an apolitical bankruptcy proceeding; the effects of GM’s nationalization on production, investment, and public policy decisions; the diminution of U.S. moral authority to counsel foreign governments against market interventions that can adversely affect U.S. businesses competing abroad; and the corrosive impact on America’s institutions of the illegal diversion of TARP funds to achieve politically desirable outcomes.

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In that “confiscated from the auto companies’ debt-holders” is her 5k$ in bonds in her IRA. (Against my advice!)

Usually very non-political, that really put a knot in her shorts.

Mine too.

Not that it was a lot of money. 5k$ was about a ⅓ of a month’s pay when I was flying high.

She worked hard for her money. Scrimped and saved. Denied herself stuff. Because she was always afraid of being poor again.

It used to be that 5k$ was a LOT of money. But the politicians and bureaucrats have inflated away that value.

And, I know everyone thinks I have a tin foil hat.

But when the Gooferment just takes your stuff because they can and you don’t get mad, well then who has the tin foil hat?

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ADMINISTRIVIA: A blog that doesn’t …

A blog, that doesn’t …

… allow comments, is a monolog.

Like a raving loon, standing on a crowded street, yelling!

The beauty of a blog is to allow the Universe, through the comments of your fellow internetters (internutters) to tell you that you’re nuts.

(Yeah, I know watching too much “Dharma and Greg”, but it’s very funny.)

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While venturing downtown with an older sister to see the film Heaven Can Wait, starring Warren Beatty, in the summer of 1978, a woman was robbed at gunpoint—on the Number 1 train, in the middle of the afternoon, at the rather busy Lincoln Center station. And there wasn’t a police officers in eyeshot or earshot to come to her aid. A fiscal crisis had seen to that. Please forgive my cowardice in this instance, but being at once unarmed and fifteen-years-old, I just couldn’t summon the courage to chase after a guy brandishing both a handgun and a lady’s handbag. That very same summer, a neighbor a few doors down was shot at through his car windshield in the front of his house in the wee small hours of the morning. He ducked in the nick of time in what was, very fortunately, a failed robbery attempt. A few months later, the family next door was ransacked of all their valuable jewelry. Apartments and garages were regularly robbed, too, of their TVs, toasters, and bicycles. Oh, and the area’s parks were always in decay and by and large seedy.

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Might the lawlessness be attributed to “We, The Sheeple” being denied the tools to defend themselves and their neighbors?

You know the politicians had armed bodyguards. But that’s denied to the common folks. The Mundanes. Like the Warsaw Ghetto Jews. To be murdered. Argh!

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TECHNOLOGY: Using techonology to fight

NH-CLOG: Bill D.’s speeding ticket trial
The Raxis Report

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(1) Entertaining to use the Gooferment’s court to fight a ticket.

(2) Imagine if they had to do this for EVERY ticket? The system would grind to a halt.

So that how we have to fight. Make small battles too expensive. And, clog their “courts” so they can’t get to the big issues.

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