TECHNOLOGY: DO you need Coke’s 100 choices?

Innovation: Coke rethinks the soft drink vending machine
June 1, 2011 | By Chuck Frey | Category: Innovation Strategy

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Coca-Cola has been aware for some time that consumers wanted more variety from its soft drink dispensers. So it began development of a new dispenser called the Freestyle that would enable consumers to create their own mixes of soft drink flavors. But when it conducted consumer research on its Facebook page, the company was shocked at how much variety they really wanted. Not 20 to 30 flavors, but more like 100! The message was clear: Consumers wanted to mix their own drinks!

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Recently, I’ve been undergoing a lot of changes in my life.

One of which is to REDUCE the number of choices that I force myself to make.


Maybe all we need is water.

Of course, that’s not so good for Coke, if everyone simplifies them out of the equation?

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