TECHNOLOGY: iCloud; no silver lining?  

Why the iCloud Won’t be My Cloud
Author: Stephen Lee
Published: June 16, 2011 at 5:29 pm

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Talk of “cloud computing” and “cloud services” has been in the air for years, but (despite the remaining ambiguity in the minds of consumers) recent developments have garnered a little more of the consumer electronics limelight for this burgeoning technology.

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While the jury is still out, I’m beginning to have a lot of concerns:

(1) Control

Apple’s stuff is aligned with Apple’s interest not just mine. Look at how it can dump stuff and change stuff willy nilly. The big argument against ANY “cloud service” is that you, the end User and PAYING Customer, can’t depend upon it staying the same.

(2) Music

Apple is at peace with the RIAA. That’s a concern! All this “service” on any music you have? And, of course, it would never report pirates to the Empire. Can’t you see the “possibilities”? (I envision subpoenas to ISPs coordinated by “iSnoop” to prove that someone bit torrent in a particular music file followed by “service” of lawsuits.)

<<to be continued>>

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With the introduction of its Chromebook, Google is betting big on the Cloud. As is Apple, with its iCloud initiative. So too are Netflix and Skype. Unfortunately, their very existence is threatened by data-capping carriers, who have set a course to make sure that the network is NOT the computer.

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(3) Unlimited / Ubiquitous Connectivity

Clearly the assumption is as much as you want from where ever you are. Not necessarily a good assumption. Or an inexpensive one.

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POLITICAL: Weiner’s woes

Wiener woes:

(1) Sexting to one or more willing and / or unwilling partners.

(2) Claimed to have been hacked.

(3) Lied.

(4) May have covered it up.

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There may be a felony or a few in all this.

It’s been alleged that (a) at least one of the sextings was unsolicited. (2) it’s reported that it was done from a Federal location. (3) Federally paid staffers or contractors were offered by the Congressman and used by at least one of the participants. (4) conspiracy? (The legal catch all that nails people!)

Aside from the morality, it’s always the lying and the cover up that “kills” these sleezeballs.

And, if they are all busy covering their butts, they’ll be too busy to “fix” the problems. Their “fixes” are usually always worse than the original problem.

Imagine how fast this would have died if he’d said: “Yes, I did it. I’m embarrassed. I was drinking with my staff celebrating <insert some excuse> and it seemed like a good idea at the time. Upon reflection it was dumb. Now I’m going to address our young people. Don’t create digital dirt. And just like no one should drink and drive. No one, even Congressmen and women, should drink and text. I’m sorry I was so dumb and blind to the impacts of this. It won’t happen again.”

Scandal would have had NO “legs”. And, Arnold and the maid would have been back on center stage.

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TMZ reported:

“TMZ obtained the pics Weiner took of himself using his Blackberry and a mirror. Congressional sources have confirmed with TMZ … the backdrop is indeed the House Members Gym in the basement of the Rayburn House Office Building.”

So does that add another count of misuse of federal facilities? And, why are we paying for gym for these sleezes? I don’t have paid for gym, do you?

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