TINFOILHAT: BHO44’s “Dreams”


4 curious errors in Obama’s ‘Dreams’

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Obama does not, however, make an unusual number of errors in regards to general knowledge. Let me cite the four such errors I found and explain why they deserve our attention.

Obama misquotes the Carl Sandburg poem “Chicago.” Instead of writing “Hog Butcher for the World,” he writes, “hog butcher to the world.”

In discussing radical anti-colonialist Frantz Fanon, Obama misspells his first name as “Franz.”

Obama refers to the South African city of Sharpeville, the site of a notorious massacre, as “Sharpsville.”

On another occasion, Obama misspells the name of rebel slave leader Denmark Vesey as “Denmark Vescey.”

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While a pretty small TFH, it is important in my view.

We know that JFK didn’t write Profiles. And, it’s pretty obvious, that BHO44 didn’t write Dreams.

It’s interesting to peer into the souls of the plagiarizer and plagiarizee.

Why would you trust anyone who does that or cooperates in such?

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TECHNOLOGY: Preventing malware


Social Media’s Dark Side: Phishing and Scams

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Here’s what employees can do to avoid becoming the prey of phishing attacks:

1. Never click on a link or a bookmark which is associated with financial transactions or asks for any sensitive information; instead always manually type the URL in the address bar.

2. Don’t click on links which ask to download ActiveX or software on your system. These could be Trojan/malware which later becomes the control center to remotely control your system and others in the network.

3. Ensure that the site is authentic and using secure layer (https) before providing any sensitive information about yourself or your organization.

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Good advice for real people as opposed to “employees”.

I’d add “Switch to Open DNS”. It’s free and will prevent you from being “speared” by a “phisher”.

(On a technical note, it does that by preventing your browser from resolving known bad names into ip addresses. Thus, you’ll see the Open DNS “warning screen” with the option “Get me out of here”. It’s not perfect, but another compensating control.)

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