RANT: BHO44 and D’s targeting the home mortgage deduction


Dick Morris TV in the Morning! Goodbye Mortgage Interest Deductions

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Dick Morris explains the reasons behind the double dip in real estate and housing prices. He blames Obama’s plans to raise taxes and his efforts to repeal the mortgage interest deduction.

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While I don’t care for him based on his personal flaws, when he talks politics, he’s a genius.

This “spending / borrowing / inflating” President is a snake!

How can the housing market recover if they do this?

“We” have to cut — cut spending, cut taxes, cut bureaucrats — but most of all cut the “barbara streisand”!

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SERVICE: “MINUTES” made useful


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Creating well-organized meeting minutes can be time-consuming, yet the best time to send those minutes is ASAP after the meeting has ended. Minutes.io simplifies this task very nicely. Pop open the webpage when the meeting begins and add clearly defined minutes as you go along.

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Would seem to be useful.

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RANT: Accidental citizen


The Perils of “Accidental” U.S. Citizenship
Mark Nestmann (May 26, 2011)

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Compared to most other countries, it’s comparatively easy to acquire U.S. citizenship.

You become a U.S. citizen merely by birth within the geographic boundaries of the United States. In most cases, you’re also a U.S. citizen if you were born outside the United States, and at least one parent was a U.S. citizen or green card holder. In both these examples, citizenship is automatic. Generally, you need not take any affirmative action in order to acquire or retain U.S. nationality. Only in the case of naturalization after an extended period of legal residence in the United States do you need to make a petition for U.S. citizenship and passport.

The ease of acquiring U.S. citizenship by birth means that there are hundreds of thousands of “accidental” U.S. citizens roaming the world. Many of these individuals don’t realize they’re U.S. citizens.

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A stunning disaster for this fellow. And, for us, as well.

We need to consider what makes “a citizen”.

Not that that is like to happen.

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