VETERANS: WASPS were trailblazers

Overdue Recognition for Woman AF Pilot

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WII Women Air Force Service Pilot (WASP) 1st Lt. Elaine Harmon didn’t join the military for recognition but she certainly earned it. Harmon was one of the 1,074 women pilots who flew non-combat missions in the U.S. in order to free their male counterparts for overseas combat missions.

She knew the WASPS were trailblazers. “It was a man’s world, but we were doing what was needed for the war effort,” Harmon said. “My mother was dead set against it.”

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I had the interesting experience of meeting a WASPS when I was a child. OK, a tween. But as most people, I was oblivious. I didn’t listen. Nor ask questions. And, no, I didn’t even take notes. I was OBLIVIOUS. Argh!

And, the way she minimized it, I didn’t think it was important. If a man was telling the story, you’d have thought he won the war single handedly.

That’s why I, a fat old white guy injineer, am a “feminist”. Woman need to be free to do what ever THEY think is important. And, while nothing is as fragile as a male ego, “we”, “We, The People”, need to allow them to do it.

Just like in WW2, we can’t afford the luxury of binding the hands of half our population. Just like we can’t afford racial discrimination!

Aside from the fact that such discrimination is immoral, it’s also ineffective and inefficient.

We need EVERYONE working towards the Common Good.

It’s just pure selfishness. I want everyone making life better for everyone.


Why do women allow such foolishness to go on?

Sure, they made their mistakes — giving women the right to vote brought us Prohibition and Organized Crime — but they fixed that one. They still haven’t fixed “war” yet, but men haven’t been doing so well on that one yet either.

We need their “contributions”!

(I’d expect women to hold Congressman Anthony Weiner accountable for the cover up, lying, and some disgusting pics. We’ll see!)

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