INSPIRATIONAL: Peaceful non-violent non-cooperation!

Government Violence: The Real Evil in the World
by Murray Sabrin

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Not surprisingly, law professor Butler Shafer expressed my sentiments 100%. There is no need to dissect the events in Tucson, except to say, the killing of any human being is a horrific tragedy.

From the murderous street mugger to the violent carjacker and armed robber, killing another human being is the highest immoral act an individual can commit. However, the real evil in the world is the violence perpetrated by governments around the world, including our own.

As a son of Holocaust survivors whose parents were the only ones to have lived through the horror of government-sanctioned mass murder, we as a people should be more outraged about the thousands of innocent people in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan who have been killed by our military as “collateral damage” in the juiced up global war on terror. In addition, where is the outrage by our political leaders, the pundits and others about our government invading a country – Iraq – that made no hostile acts against the American people?

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The violence of government is all around us, 24/7. From taxation to regulations to military adventurism, the federal government has become a role model for individuals prone to violence. If the government can use violence to achieve its goals, then violence becomes acceptable in the minds of the unstable. If the government can perpetuate Ponzi schemes, then some in the financial community will try to create their own fraudulent investment programs to enrich themselves at the expense of their fellow citizens.

The role model for violence is not heated political rhetoric, but the actions of government officials who assert they are doing “good” by taxing, spending, regulating, borrowing, debasing the currency and invading other nations. This is not to condone violence against any government official. On the contrary, we should criticize unequivocally their use of violence against the people, while we work toward reestablishing liberty as the highest social good.

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No violence towards anyone.

More correctly state “Zero Aggression”.

(I think that’s a “principle”.)

Peaceful non-violent non-cooperation!

(I know I’ve heard that before!)

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