RANT: Al Gore still pitching


Published on: Wednesday, January 12, 2011
The New Global Deal
Posted By: Robyn Greenspan

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The farmer began to tell a long, involved story of the events of the car accident, culminating with the other vehicle hitting him and his cow. When the police arrived on the scene, they saw the injured cow and mercifully shot him. “So when the police asked the farmer how he felt, he said, ‘I feel fine.’ Many of us are feeling like that, said Gore.”

*** and ***

Gore cited three major contributors to the climate crisis:
* the global population explosion, which taxes resources
* the dramatic expansion of the power-draining technologies we use
* the way we think about capitalism
*** and ***Gore urged World Business Forum delegates to affect change through political action, and pressure the Senate to release its use of filibusters to place a stranglehold on policies, which, he said, are influenced by special interest groups. “It’s important to change light bulbs, but it’s more important to change the laws.”

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Dear Ms Robyn,

May I respectfully suggest that that proverbial cow was lucky. It didn’t have to listen to Al Gore.

You, unfortunately, have parse out fact and fiction. “Global Warming”, “Global Cooling”, and all the fads in between are just attempts to “sell” us on a meme that allows them to control us and enriches them. It’s well documented just how much old Al has made from his “Global Warming” efforts. So how do you know where the conflict of interest ends. “Population Overgrowth” aka Malthusianism, “power draining tech” aka Peak Power, and “capitalism” which is not what we have now are all just justifications for the Mundanes to be led by the Elite. Of course, Gore is just one of the Elites to “lead” any that will follow.

The Elite always want to erode anything that stands in the way of following their agenda. Space doesn’t permit a comment to go into depth. And, I’m not sure I have the credentials to do it. But, I do know, what is being shoveled, that poor proverbial cow could produce as well.


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PRODUCTIVITY: Always have a email account to spare?

No secret I use a lot of email accounts. For a purpose. For a community. For relatives. For friends. For projects.

Interesting that some ISPs (i.e., Saint Peter’s University Hospital and Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital) offer free wifi.

Unfortunately, like most things you get for “free”, they both have their own “unique” opportunities.

Not everyone has a VWBBIE (i.e., a Verizon Wireless Broad Band Service for 70$/month) or an IPAD with the AT&T 3G turned on!

SPUH doesn’t permit email. I chatted with a fellow nerd from a past employment and he had no idea why or even who “decreed” this. But the diktat couldn’t be overturned.

Now clearly with web access, you can use the web front end that most email providers have. But that’s not a very efficient or effective imho. Your really want a unified mailbox for the different account with the capability to send from the correct account.

GMAIL to the rescue.

It was trivial to set this up so that “emergency” could read and write in the “important” accounts.

Now when I need it, I have it.

Kudos to GMAIL.