SOFTWARE: POSTBOX2 has a serious value-impacting problem — “SMEARING” in message preview pane

“SMEARING” in message preview pane

POSTBOX2 Version 2.1.0 (PAID)

While the workaround — “click on the message” and read it in a new tab — works, it destroys the usability of it.

I’ve used Chrome, Safari, Opera, and Firefox. It’s no better.

It seems that the “rendering engine” of Postbox2 for HTML is slow, or broken.

I can’t believe that I am the only one who has this problem. If I am, why me? If not, why aren’t other screaming?

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SOFTWARE: ECTO in my dog house … again

1. Describe the account you’re using.

Jasper Jottings Daily!!!
WORDPRESS hosted at wordpress

2. If the issue involves communication with your blog system

A post is being made. It was placed on the blog correctly from what I can tell.

3. Some odd hang-up?

Nothing appears to hang.

4. Crash?

Doesn’t crash


I wrote and pushed a post with a forward time stamp. (The whole rationale for ECTO is it is easier than using the WordPress web page. Time setting is still not as easy as it could be, but that’s another matter.)

In looking at the post about an hour LATER, I see it is truncated. Argh!

Quick like a bunny, I go up and see the post is complete in WordPress. Againlike a bunny, I make a backup copy of my pearls of wisdom.

Then, I do “retrieve posts”. The target post comes back complete.

But when I open it, it is truncated.

(We have had this symptom before. Where posts or partial posts are produced but then don’t display correctly int he Client side software. A while ago. But it was never resolved. Haven’t seen it in a while. I think, always suspected, that there is crud in the underlying copy. Maybe an unprintable character or some such?)


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Argh! I hate having “problems”. The ECTO folks are good in support. Just not there on Sunday. Argh!

At least, the post is up for publishing correctly. And, I have a copy.

I think that I have to now reorganize how I do the blog posts.

More work for me. But, I have to keep a running backup of the post. Perhaps prep it in a WP, instead of using the ECTO Client.


That’s a waste of the old technology budget.

The downside is that my pearls might be lost. But, then I have learned that pearls aren’t worth much on the resale market! Argh squared!

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INTERESTING: Economics that a child can understand

*** begin quote ***

Nom nom nom” is said to have originated with the Cookie Monster. *nom nom nom* It has become a preferred way to express voracious eating. Today the meme has spread to everyday conversation.

  Jen – “How’s that sandwhich?”   

  Mark – “Nom nom nom!”

  Jen – “I need to get some more noms.”

It is almost certain that the word economics was coined without *nom nom nom* in mind. But if it was not intentional, it was prophetic to put NOM right in the tummy of “economics,” as the concept of noming is so central to economics.

*** end quote ***

Even politicians and bureaucrats?

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