SERVICE: FACEBOOK as the arbiter of identity

I’m not a fake Kate! Facebook bans royal bride’s namesake for being an imposter (but boyfriend Jonathan Ross can keep using his account)
Last updated at 5:52 PM on 24th January 2011

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Banned: Kate Middleton has had her Facebook account suspended after being accused of impersonating Prince William’s fiancée

Facebook has accused a woman of being an impostor and suspended her account – because she shares her name with Prince William’s future bride.

Healthcare assistant Kate Middleton, 29, has been locked out since last Thursday after the social network site claimed she had registered under a fake name.

Ironically, Miss Middleton’s partner Jonathan Ross has not been accused of being a fake, despite sharing his name with the television presenter.

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This is going to get interesting. Especially since FACEBOOK is being touted as the arbiter of identity.

Any competent Information Security practicioner could have predicted that “NAME” would not be a unique identifier. Or, any combination of LNAME, FNAME, LNAME||FNAME, or even if you throw in SUFFIX, TITLE, MI, or NICKNAME.


I learned this lesson in High School — too many moon ago — when the Good Christian Brothers had to revamp their “information systems” — manual on clay tablets — to accommodate identical twins Peter and Paul. It was a hoot. They were the first twins I remember meeting. (You really count Playboy twins as having been “met”. Yeah, I know TMI!)

So you can establish “identity” with any combination of name, email, phone number, or even address.

How does the internet establish identity?

I have, always, thought that the ISPs were absolutely best suited to provide “identification”.

Of course, they never agreed. But when there is a credit card transaction, you actually have something that you can hang your hat on.

It doesn’t assure that you can say it is a “unitary id”. I can, and do have, multiple ISP accounts paid for separately on different credit cards for what would be “multiple identities”.

But, it’s better than depending upon FACEBOOK.

FACEBOOK has even abandoned requiring College email accounts, so even they have realized the flaws in their original design.

What to do? What will they do?

Bottom line: Nobody does nothing! And, the problem goes on.

This is important because IF the ISPs stepped up, we could have a good age differentiator on the internet. But no one cares much! Unless you’re a parent.

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JOBSEARCH: Stay off the employers hardware and software

Your Employer Can Read Your Work Emails, Even to Your Lawyer

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In a 3-0 decision, the Sacramento-based court ruled that a woman sending an email to her attorney, in a matter regarding plans to sue your employer, from your office was akin to “consulting her lawyer in her employer’s conference room, in a loud voice, with the door open, so that any reasonable person would expect that their discussion of her complaints about her employer would be overheard.”

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As if you needed another reason!

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TINFOILHAT: More BHO44 birth confusion

Questions raised over Obama birth date
Was claim he was 3 months old during ‘Bay of Pigs’ a slip?
Posted: January 24, 2011 8:56 pm Eastern
By Jerome R. Corsi

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The comment, by Obama himself at a 2009 international meeting, suggested he was born eight months earlier than when his official story has claimed all along.

Freudian slip, misstatement or the truth leaking out?

It was in April 19, 2009, at a press conference Obama gave at the Port of Spain in Trinidad and Tobago, Obama commented on a 90-minute diatribe that had been delivered by Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega at the meeting the day before, and Obama suggested he was born in January 1961, three months before the Bay of Pigs invasion.

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Oh boy, things just got MORE interesting.

Wonder when his brithdate is?

And, I have a tin foil hat?

A birth certificate would put this all to rest.

Be nice to have proof!

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