IWEB is Apple’s version of a webpage builder.

It doesn’t do a table?

I have a spreadsheet of my High School alums with a link to their page. I thought it would be easy to put it into an IWEB site.

Thought wrong!


Even if I had to rebuild the table in IWEB, that, while upsetting, would be “good enough”.


So, it seems there’s no way to do it.


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Are there minimum service and data pricing requirements?

Yes, iPhone customers will need to choose from any of the current Nationwide plans. Customers will also be required to activate a data package, pricing will be announced at a later date.

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Pig in a poke.

“We have to pass it to learn what’s in it.”

Sorry, but you have no idea what they are going to charge you!

What happened to “unlimited”?


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Sounds like the real tech writers are putting up “red” flags.

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QUOTE: What about tarriffs, dumping, and “protecting domestic industries”?

“I am bound to say that it is our interest to buy cheap, whether other countries will buy cheap or no.”

— British Prime Minister Robert Peel’s 1843 statement to the House of Commons explaining his decision to support a repeal of the British tariffs known as “corn laws”:   

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Like the correct rate for corporate taxes which is zero, so to the correct rate for tariffs is zero as well.

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GUNS: The lesson of Arizona is more guns for self-defense and the defense of others

Gun control

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Should just anyone be allowed to buy a gun?

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Yes, anyone should be allowed to guy a gun.

Remember, that we have a Federal Instant Check, no one is reporting on that. Wasn’t that supposed to stop that? No one’s calling that to account. And, what about all the folks, who knew he was a “nut case” and did nothing.

The purpose of the Second Amendment is to empower the people to protect themselves from both bad people and their own government. The first thing that tyrants do is to disarm the people. Look at all the genocides in history, and the ESSENTIAL thing you’ll find is an unarmed citizenry.

The Government, which I call the Gooferment based on their track record, can’t protect you. What’s even funnier is its courts (no conflict of interest in that) have thrown out suits saying that the police have no duty to protect you. Restraining orders, “dial 911”, and the “(pseudo) War on (some) Drugs” are gigantic examples of stupidity.

I wish no one harm, but we can’t let this incident sway us from the principle, the RIGHT to keep and bear arms in our own defense.

Think how much different it would have been if there was an armed citizenry at this incident. It may have stopped the “shooting gallery” before it started. Criminals are cowards. Victims shouldn’t be defenseless.

“Gun Control” is victim disarmament. What “gun control” should be is hitting what you aim at!

THAT’S the lesson we should take from Arizona.

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