JOBFINDING: Financial Analyst NYC

Weill Cornell Medical College of Cornell University in NY, NY is seeking to fill this full time position.

Position Title: Financial Analyst – Job # 13590

Department: Radiology

Full Time – Exempt: Upper East Side Location

Benefits: Full time exempt employees earn over 4 weeks vacation each fiscal year, plus 3 personal days each anniversary year, plus two weeks of sick time. Benefits start the beginning of each month. You are vested in the pension plan immediately. In the event of a short term illness or disability, the Medical College also provides accrued sick pay and short term disability benefits.

More info on benefits:

Position Summary:

Under direction, coordinates and supports the financial activities of the Department of Radiology; prepares financial and operational statements, associated analyses and provides recommendations to management for financial and operational improvements. Under direction. prepares and implements annual budget. Monitors payroll, supplemental compensation and all disbursements. Ensures income is recorded properly; assists investigators in preparation of NIH grants and grants & contracts budgets and post-award implementation of funded extramural research and clinical trials. Develops and maintains financial report systems; prepares monthly/quarterly statements of operations by division. Ensures deposits and transfer of funds revenues, MSA income, NYPH Joint Budget and recoveries are correctly reflected. Processes expenses; reviews check requisitions, purchase orders and travel reimbursements; reconciles expenses and transfers of expenses recorded. Sets up budgets and salary reallocation for grants implementation; monitors expenses of grants; ensures expenses comply with rules and regulations and PI is within budget; prepares monthly supplemental compensation schedule; performs other job related duties as required.

Minimum Requirements

Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Finance or Economics and two to three years experience in an Accounting or Finance Position, with two plus years with enterprise financial systems, database and spreadsheet applications required; Master’s degree in Business Administration preferred; previous experience with SAP, highly desired; knowledge of healthcare billing/revenue cycle expertise a plus; proficient in Microsoft Access and Excel; excellent organization and communication skills.

No relocation assistance is provided for this position.

Visa sponsorship is not available for this position. Please no agencies.

Founded in 1898, and affiliated with what is now New York-Presbyterian Hospital since 1927, Weill Cornell Medical College is among the top-ranked clinical and medical research centers in the country. In addition to offering degrees in medicine, Cornell also has Ph.D. programs in biomedical research and education at the Weill Graduate School of Medical Sciences, and with neighboring Rockefeller University and the Sloan-Kettering Institute, has established a joint MD-PhD. program for students to intensify their pursuit of Cornell’s triple mission of education, research, and patient care.

Weill Cornell Medical College’s educational mission emphasizes the importance of combining a strong foundation in the medical sciences with extensive clinical training in patient care. By promoting a true social commitment, stimulating creativity, and fostering independent thought and study, Weill Cornell Medical College continues to cultivate the best of tomorrow’s leaders in the field of medicine.

For consideration please forward resume and cover letter using our ON-LINE application system:

Please apply to job number #13590

Be sure to check out other job openings available.

Please make sure to mention where you saw this ad when applying on our on-line system.

Thank you!

We look forward to hearing from you.

Weill Cornell Medical College

Weill Cornell Medical College is an equal opportunity, affirmative action educator and employer.

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SURVIVAL: A great tool for tree limbs

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This little saw is excellent, fast cutting, light weight ( at 3 oz without the case), and folds up small making it highly portable. It can quickly saw branches and trees up to about 4-6 inches in diameter with its 28 inch long chain.

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For $25, no noise and no gas required. A perfect addition to a BOB!

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TINFOILHAT: JFK seems to have opposed the shadow government?

JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters
by Edward Curtin

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He (James Douglass) says it best: “The extent to which our national security state was systematically marshaled for the assassination of President John F. Kennedy remains incomprehensible to us. When we live in a system, we absorb and think in a system. We lack the independence needed to judge the system around us. Yet the evidence we have seen points toward our national security state, the systemic bubble in which we all live, as the source of Kennedy’s murder and immediate cover-up.”

*** end quote ***

This tale is stunning. I have no idea what the truth is, but the “official story” is “barbara streisand”!

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PLATFORMS: Thinking “temporary” while MCBA is in for repair

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eMachines Black 10.1″ eM350-2074 Netbook PC with Intel Atom N450 Processor & Windows XP Home

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With its Intel Atom processor and dedicated graphics, the eMachines eM350-2074 Netbook PC powers through everyday apps and brings a great visual experience while remaining small and easily portable. This ultra-mobile black 10.1″ eMachines netbook PC is super light and less than 1″ thin, making it easy to tote anywhere. Plus, its larger keyboard and touchpad features are perfect for fast-paced, accurate data input while you’re on the move. With the eMachines eM350-2074 Netbook PC, you can stay connected to your mobile world.

eMachines Black 10.1″ eM350-2074 Netbook PC with Intel Atom N450 Processor, Windows XP Home

   * Intel Atom N450 processor

   1.66GHz, 667MHz Front Side Bus, 512KB L2 Cache

   * 1GB DDR2 system memory

   Allows you to do the computer basics of web surfing, emails and documents

   * 160GB SATA hard drive

   Store 106,000 photos, 45,000 songs or 84 hours of HD video and more on the black 10.1″ eMachines netbook PC

   * 10/100 Fast Ethernet; 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi

   Connect to a broadband modem or a wired broadband router with wired Ethernet, or wirelessly connect to a Wi-Fi signal or hotspot with the 802.11b/g/n WLAN built right into your PC

   * 10.1″ LED widescreen display

   Integrated Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 3150 with 64MB of dedicated video memory, supporting Microsoft DirectX 9

Additional Features:

   * Built-in 1.3 megapixel Webcam

   * 2-in-1 digital media card reader

   * 2 x USB 2.0 ports, 1 x VGA port, 1 x headphone/speaker/line-out jack, 1 x microphone jack, 1 x RJ-45 Ethernet port

   * 3-cell lithium-ion battery (up to 4 hours battery life)


   * Genuine Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition with Service Pack 3

   * Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007 (60-day trial)

   * Microsoft Works 9

   * Norton Internet Security (60-day trial)

   * Windows Live Essentials Wave 3 (with Photo Gallery and Writer)

   * eMachines ePower Management, eMachines eRecovery Management

Support and Warranty:

   * 1-year parts and labor limited warranty with toll-free tech support

   * Restore discs are no longer included with PCs. We recommend you use the installed software to create your own restore and backup DVD the first week you use the black 10.1″ eMachines netbook PC.

What’s In The Box:

   * Power supply and power cord

   * 3-cell Li-Ion battery

   * Quick Start Guide and documentation

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It should be good enough for a week. But, can I then put ubuntu on it?

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POLITICAL: Who fed the tiger?

Who fed the tiger?
Posted: November 18, 2010
Pat Buchanan

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Review commission chair Dan Slane says his members have concluded that “China is adopting a highly discriminatory policy of favoring domestic producers over foreign manufacturers. Under the guise of fostering ‘indigenous innovation’ … the government of China appears determined to exclude foreigners from bidding on government contracts at the central, provincial and local levels.”

Imagine that! The Chinese are ignoring WTO rules and putting China first. Don’t they understand how the Global Economy works? You’re not supposed to tilt the field in favor of the home team.

One knows not whether to laugh or cry.

The policy the Chinese are pursuing, economic nationalism, was virtually invented by the Republican Party. Protectionism was the declared policy of the GOP from the day its first president took office in 1861 to the day Calvin Coolidge left in 1929.

Free trade was the policy of a Great Britain whose clocks those generations of Americans cleaned, even as the Chinese are cleaning ours.

*** end quote ***

It’s interesting to note that the Federal Gooferment was SUPPOSED to be funded by tariffs and excise taxes. If “We, The Sheeple” had stuck to that and followed old George’s RX about “entangling alliances”, then it’s hard to imagine we would not be much better off.

Sometime some one will have to explain to me how “global free trade” helps Americans?

We’ve demonstrated that the “Rich Globalists” seem to have done better than the average Detroit worker.

The Rust Belt comes to mind.

So how do we reverse course while it’s still not too late?

<1> We have to kill the FED. Andrew Jackson was right to kill the corrupt central bank.

<2> We have to create a link between gold and the dollar. Clearly, we need an AUTOMATIC AUTO-PILOT to control spending in the District of Corruption.

<3> We have to learn from the Bank of South Dakota. That’s a model of how to control local funds for the benefit of the “We, The Sheeple”. Note: That “bank” only services municipal Gooferments. No cash cow for banks to leech off of.

<4> We have to kill Fannie and Freddie. And, all Gooferment Sponsored Entities.

<5> Zero the corporate taxes! Only real people pay taxes; so let’s “de-cloak” how much we are really paying in taxes.

<6> Campaign Finance Reform: Only real people can give a candidate money and only from the region they will represent.

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SURVIVAL: Terrorists will try to bring the “war” home to the USA

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Mohamed Osman Mohamud, 19, a Somali-born U.S. citizen, was arrested at 5:42 p.m., 18 minutes before the tree lighting was to occur, on an accusation of attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction. The felony charge carries a maximum sentence of life in prison and a $250,000 fine.

*** end quote ***

What this demonstrates to me is that they will be unable to stop a true “lone wolf”. As soon as, “terrorism” can be done without help by one person, totally alone, then we are going to see more of these incidents but successful in “going off”. Hopefully, that doesn’t happen. But, we better prep like it will. And, personally, I’d stay out of crowds for the duration. With the nuts in the District of Corruption, a suitcase nuke here in the USA might be met with a global response. Argh!

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RANT: People making more than $250,000 a year

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tax cuts for the rich or food for the poor

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Washington debates tax cuts for people making more than $250,000 a year, while far too many struggle at the other end of the economic spectrum. Can you say skewed priorities?

*** end quote ***

OK, I’ll try one more time.

You, and your thugs in Gooferment, have no right to steal wealth from honest hard working people.

The 250k nonsense ignores the fact that most small businesses file their taxes as an individual. So, in the frenzy of jealousy to “tax the rich”, you manage to screw most of the small businesses in the USA. Who do you think does most of the hiring?

When you have a “minimum wage”, you interfere with the right of people to freely contract. Minimum prices for wages ensure unemployment!

Please recognize that your “Big Gooferment” whine really hurts the little people. The rich have choices; the poor don’t. For example, the Maryland “millionaire’s tax”, John Kerry on where to dock that boat, doctors that limit their practices, the owner of the Buffalo Sabres moves to Florida, and on and on and on!

Oh and by the way, corporations DON’T pay taxes; only real people do. So guess who can’t avoid paying those “corporate taxes” with a large part of their income? Yup, the poor!

Argh! It seems so OBVIOUS.

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And, the false choice in the title is absurd. It’s not like an either or.

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