GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Illegals don’t need id; “We, The Sheeple” have to take their shoes off and bend over

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Take Migrants At Their Word’: Republicans Criticize Process Allowing Illegal Immigrants To Get Through Airport Security Without ID
December 11, 20216:28 PM ET

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  • An email exclusively obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation details the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) process for vetting illegal migrants without identification at airports and reveals that it is being used frequently.
  • Republican lawmakers are raising concerns over the vetting process, saying it poses major national security risks.
  • “TSA and non-profit groups are putting millions of Americans travelling for Christmas at risk by allowing these unknown and unvetted migrants to board planes and fly across the country,” Republican Texas Rep. Lance Gooden told the DCNF.

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The TSA is a JOKE!

If the airlines want “security” then let them provide it and pass the cost on to their Customers and not the Taxpayers.

We need to “roll back” all the Big Gooferment programs.


POLITICAL: Political “theater” is like the TSA’s security “theater” or the FDA’s drug safety “theater”

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: “Sound & fury, signifying pandering”

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This Government-R-Us theory is far too shaky to take seriously. So I offer an alternative answer to the question, “What is democratic government?”

My answer is: theater.

From the president down to midlevel staffers in Uncle Sam’s sprawling bureaucracies, each and every government official is acting.

Each senator is aware that he’ll be judged largely by the quality of the words he speaks publicly. Each House member knows that she is performing for an audience.

The president, of course, is less an executor of the legislature’s statutes than he is the starring attraction in the ongoing 24/7 tragicomedy known as “American Government.”

With exceptions too few to matter, the chief goal of each and every one of these officials is to convince the audience that he or she “cares” about us — that he or she feels our pain — that he or she routinely sacrifices for the good of America, possesses insights denied to less-exalted people and — if only the other party would stop being so blasted obstructionist — will perform wonderful feats that no one else can perform.

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Remember that politicians and bureaucrats follow the three “rules” of politics. 

Remember the three “laws” of political motivation: (1) reward your friends; (2) punish your enemies; and (3) feather your own nest. 

Part of this “theater” is to continually show that they “care” about you and your problems.

It’s all an act.  All “barbara streisand”.  All bull <synonym for excrement>!




LIBERTY: Sicherheitsdeinst aka DHS

The No Fly License
By eric – August 21, 2018

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Three years after the passage of the REAL ID Act, all 50 states had filed for implementation extensions. The creepily named Department of Homeland Security – creepy because it is a literal English translation of the Sicherheitsdeinst which existed in the Heimat of Nazi Germany, the same Nazi Germany that George W. Bush’s grandfather Sen. Prescott Bush snuggled up to prior to and during World War II – responded by issuing various fatwas demanding “full compliance” by such and such a date.

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Let’s start to roll back the oppressive Federal Gooferment.

TSA, DoEd, and DOE would be a good start.

Get the pitchforks and torches.


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RANT: Court Says TSA Can Lie

Court Says TSA Can Lie About Whether Or Not It Has The Information You’re Requesting
from the clearly-spelled-out-on-the-brand-new-FUIA-request-forms dept

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In theory, the Freedom of Information Act is great. It allows citizens to pursue disclosure from government entities in order to better understand processes or look for malfeasance. In reality, however, it’s often incredibly difficult to convince these agencies to actually free up any information.

Whatever isn’t delayed indefinitely is redacted heavily. Everything else that doesn’t hit these two extremes tends to run into various bureaucratic walls. FOIA request fulfillment is often handed off to whatever part of the agency seems least likely to want the job, either because of its natural antipathy towards the public or because it’s chronically understaffed.

It’s gotten to the point where people are regularly suing the government to get documents released. No one needs to point out the sheer insanity of a system that expends public money to keep public documents from the public, especially one that is governed by an act meant to make the wall between the public and its servants so thin as to be nearly transparent.

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Hopefully, one of these days, the Sheeple will wake out and realize that the Dead Old White Guys were right and it’s Gooferment we have to fear!


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GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Why is the TSA still around?

Mississippi passenger detained, stranded in Hawaii by No-Fly List

By Elliott Freeman

Oct 17, 2012 – yesterday in Travel

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A Mississippi man flying to visit his wife in Japan on Monday was detained during a stop in Hawaii and has been barred from reboarding his flight – or any other flight – because his name came up on the U.S. No-Fly List, leaving him stranded on the island.

Gulfport resident Wade Hicks, Jr., boarded a military jet at Travis Air Force Base in San Francisco so he could spend time with his newlywed wife, a U.S. Navy lieutenant stationed in Okinawa, Japan, the Canada Free Press reports.

According to Hicks, when the plane stopped for refueling at Hickam Air Base on the Hawaiian island of Oahu, he was escorted from the plane and detained by armed military personnel. After several hours, a representative of U.S. Customs and Border Protection arrived and told him he was pulled off of the flight because he was on the no-fly list.

Why was he put on the list? “They have given me no reason. They just basically are telling me, ‘You can’t fly because we said so,'” Hicks said in an interview with radio talk show host Doug Hagmann. “They didn’t know how I even left Travis Air Force Base.”

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Sorry, but any bureaucratic organization that is this stupid needs to be put out of its misery.

It was a bad idea to start. Made worse over time. Unionized.

Just a waste of valuable human attention, time, and effort.

Close it down now.

The “terrorists” won by changing our way of life and getting us to do stupid things.

How dumb are we?

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POLITICAL: Shut down the TSA

Rand Paul Launches Campaign to End the TSA
New legislation would abolish government involvement in airport security
Paul Joseph Watson
Thursday, May 3, 2012

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Senator Rand Paul has issued a press release in which he vows to lead the charge to “end the TSA” and put a stop to the needless and humiliating groping of toddlers and grandmothers.

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A good place to start … close the “security theater”!


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INTERESTING: Paradigm shift — the Praetorian Class

The Rise of the Praetorian Class
by Pete KofodCasey Research

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Legions and Lictors – the Praetorian Class

The Praetorian Class includes members of the Armed Services, federal, state and local law enforcement personnel as well as numerous militarized officials including agents from the DEA, Immigrations, Customs Enforcement, Air Marshalls, US Marshalls, and more. It also includes, although to a lesser extent, various stage actors in the expanding security theater such as TSA personnel. The main mission of the Praetorian Class is to keep the order of the day. This requires displaying an intimidating presence in their interactions with the Economic Class.

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Hmm, very profound statement of the meme — Political Class oppresses Economic Class with the Praetorian Class.

Certainly, a paradigm shift!

Explains a lot about why us in the Economic Class are losing our freedom.


Might be too late to reverse this trends.

Time to nuke the TSA.

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INTERESTING: The TSA’s gloves (Updated: 26NOV10@1000)

Having spent a lot of tie in hospital lately. And, time in two different ones — RWJUH and SPUH — thankfully not as the patient — some of which was under “Neutropenic Precautions” and infection control. One thing that I vividly remember is the Nurses goign through gloves darn near every minute.

The gloves, while protecting the nurses and patients, were expendable. They could carry an infection from one patient to another.

How many times does the TSA screen change those gloves?

Any one test them?

So not only is the search a violation of everyone’s Fourth (i.e., secure in your person) and Fifth Amendment (i.e., takings) rights. Not only is that back scatter xray an unproven safe “medical device” (Has the FDA certified it?), that has radiologists publicly avoiding it and operated by unlicensed technicians.

But, those gloves could be a disease vector!

Anyone thought of that?

If they have I haven’t seen it.

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Doctors sound TSA germ alert
Dangers include syphilis, lice, viruses, ringworm
Posted: November 24, 2010 9:09 pm Eastern
By Bob Unruh

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Syphilis, lice, gonorrhea, ringworm, chlamydia, staph, strep, noro and papilloma viruses all are part of the possible fringe benefits when airline passengers next go through a full hands-on pat-down by agents of the federal government’s Transportation Security Administration, according to doctors.

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“If an athlete with jock itch (a fungal infection) undergoes a TSA pat-down, that TSA agent could spread the passenger’s jock itch from his crotch to his armpits and neck. The same is true for a person suffering from ringworm or other skin fungal infections: Merely touching them and then touching another body part can cause them to spread,” the website said. “Even worse, if that same TSA agent does not change his or her gloves between pat-downs, they could be spreading jock itch, ringworm or other infections from traveler to traveler. So traveler #2 could end up with the jock itch picked up from traveler #1.”

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Glad to see that folks with MD after their name confirm my suspicions. Doesn’t take a genius to figure this one out. I’m surprised it took me so long to tumble to it. After my decade plus on the First Aid Squad, I should have been on it sooner. Touching ANYTHING after touching a patient without fresh gloves would most certainly get a reprimand.

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RANT: Why doesn’t El Al have these security problems?

Airport body scans, pat-downs draw more complaints
(AP) – 13 hours ago

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“It’s all about security,” Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said. “It’s all about everybody recognizing their role.”

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I guess “We, The Sheeple” have to recognize our role to do what we are told by this representative of the elite who run this country.

I can’t image anything she could say that was not more telling about their thinking.

So shut up and get felt up.

We know what’s good for you.

The small fact, that this has NOTHING to do with security and everything to do with control, might enter YOUR thinking!

Did the Jews being loaded on the railcars in Nazi Germany feel this way? It’s all about training you to comply and follow orders!

Xraying pilots and feeling up screaming children is a GREAT security strategy. The terrorist must think this is funnier than a Saturday Night Live skit!

I refuse to fly! I suggest that you do too. Nothing will bring this issue to a head as empty airlines over the holidays. Sorry, but explain to all your disappointed relatives that they can’t see the grandchildren because of the TSA. Nothing will change this faster than a a bunch of <past tense synonym for urine output> off grandparents with lots of time to annoy “their representatives”.

Stop the nonsense now. Disband the TSA! Turn security back to the airlines.

Why doesn’t El Al have these security problems?

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