GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Secret Service ignore the records retention requirements; I wonder why?

Scrutiny of Secret Service Builds Over Lost Jan. 6 Texts

The Secret Service is being pressed about missing text messages from Jan. 5 and Jan. 6, 2021. The Department of Homeland Security’s inspector general gave the Secret Service a deadline of Tuesday to review the text messages of 24 specific employees for material relating to the Jan. 6 Capitol riot — a request that turned up only one new text conversation. The Secret Service says that the majority of the texts in question were deleted as part of a pre-planned “device-replacement program” at the agency. The deletion reportedly came after the IG had requested electronic communications records…

See coverage from The Hill, National Review, and Salo.

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Convent how the Gooferment politicians and bureaucrats don’t have to follow their own laws and regulations. 

Now tell me that their carrier (AT&T, Verizon, somebody) doesn’t have copies of those texts?

I thing their Head IT honcho should be immediately fired.



LIBERTY: Sicherheitsdeinst aka DHS

The No Fly License
By eric – August 21, 2018

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Three years after the passage of the REAL ID Act, all 50 states had filed for implementation extensions. The creepily named Department of Homeland Security – creepy because it is a literal English translation of the Sicherheitsdeinst which existed in the Heimat of Nazi Germany, the same Nazi Germany that George W. Bush’s grandfather Sen. Prescott Bush snuggled up to prior to and during World War II – responded by issuing various fatwas demanding “full compliance” by such and such a date.

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Let’s start to roll back the oppressive Federal Gooferment.

TSA, DoEd, and DOE would be a good start.

Get the pitchforks and torches.


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