GOLD: Gather a few “coins” whule you can still preserve your “wealth”

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The valid documentation about the gold market also practically screams at financial journalists:

• There are the huge and disproportionate gold, silver, and interest rate derivative positions built up at just two or three international banks, positions that never could be undertaken without the express or implicit underwriting of the U.S. government.

• And there are the dozens of official records, records collected and publicized by GATA over the years, demonstrating the plans and desire of the U.S. government to suppress and control the price of gold.

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Perhaps a few “coins” (i.e., bullion gold, bullion silver, common nickels) might be a valid “investment choice”? But, to avoid all the scams, you have to have them in your possession.

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LIBERTY: Repudiate

Obstructionism reaps its reward
Posted: October 28, 2010
by Patrick J. Buchanan
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Tuesday’s election, too, will be no embrace of the GOP, but rather a repudiation of what Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi have come to represent. All are seen as power-hungry politicians of an out-of-touch regime that is seizing control of private wealth and private lives as it fails in its duty to win our wars, balance our budgets and secure our borders.

Republicans will be the beneficiaries of this repudiation, as Republicans are, almost everywhere, the only alternative on the ballot, and because they are seen correctly as having opposed the Obama agenda with near-drill-team solidarity.

Every Republican in the Senate but Arlen Specter and the ladies from Maine voted against Obama’s stimulus bill. Every Republican in the House, save eight, voted no on cap-and-trade. Every Republican on Capitol Hill voted no on Obamacare. More GOP senators opposed Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan than opposed any Supreme Court nominee in memory.

Tuesday, obstructionism reaps its reward.

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It’s not like the R’s have been the great defenders of liberty. It’s just that people have zero choice. The only remedy is secession.

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