RANT: TV services at the hospitals

TVR (Long Island, NY) supplies TV service at RWJU Hospital and SPU Hospital in New Brunswick NJ. The costs are absurd.

• At $5/day, that’s $150/month for a very limited service from Direct TV that has tremendous weather issues. I have cable service at two residential locations for $40/month. How is that comparable?

• They also rent phone services at $4/day or $120/month. I also have two residential services at 30$/month and cell phones at comparable rates.

• When they fail to collect the fee in person, their collection process charges an exorbitant “handling fee” of $2 on $4.50 “rental”.

I feel they are ripping off people that are a captive audience.

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MACBOOKAIR: Hardware problem. (Remember Apple Computers are on my “Not Recommended” list)

“No output sound devices defined” (No input either.)

Conclusion after ½ on the phone is it’s a hardware problem.

NOO, really!


They want me to leave the machine for three days for them to diag, order parts, and repair.

You gotta be kidding me.

Or, I can send it in and this is with the extended warranty.


This is for a machine that won’t sync. (They never figured that one out either.)

Hence my time machine is a giant router in disguise. That’s all it is good for.


BAck when I first got the machine and wasn’t totally “on” it, the screen took a week to replace.

Cloud computing, with all it’s version control issues, is looking better and better.


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QUOTE: Support, not illumination


Legendary baseball broadcaster Vin Scully once said, “Statistics are used much like a drunk uses a lamppost—for support, not illumination.”

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But come to think of it, uber-controversial chitchat and proselytizing are unwelcome and not encouraged by most of us.

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But then keep your goons from bothering the rest of us. Unfortunately, these costumed dolts seem to think they have some right to use force on anyone who, without injuring someone else, object to their “help”.


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