JOBSEARCH: Anti Poaching Agreements — The FEDS wimp out

Anti Poaching Agreements: The FEDS wimp out

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Although the complaint alleges only that the companies agreed to ban cold calling, the proposed settlement more broadly prohibits the companies from entering, maintaining or enforcing any agreement that in any way prevents any person from soliciting, cold calling, recruiting, or otherwise competing for employees. The companies will also implement compliance measures tailored to these practices.

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Big companies, that are BIG contributors to BOTH political parties, get out of OBVIOUS labor and anti-trust violations with a slap on the wrist.

And, every smaller company knows that there is open season on employees and applicants.

Do what you want, the FEDS have bigger fish to fry!


Corporations are a creation of the Gooferment. (Differentiate from people who do business with other people.) They are allowed to limit their shareholder’s liabilities. And, we should reasonably expect the Gooferment to keep its creation conforming to the rules that it sets. When the Gooferment fails to hold its minions to its OWN rules, we all suffer.

Employees and applicants are defenseless. And the “King” could care less.

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