MONEY: The coming economic collapse

20 Signs That The Economic Collapse Has Already Begun For One Out Of Every Seven Americans

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For most Americans, the economic collapse is something that is happening to someone else. Most of us have become so isolated from each other and so self-involved that unless something is directly affecting us or a close family member than we really don’t feel it. But even though most of us enjoy a much closer relationship with our television sets than we do with our neighbors at this point, it is quickly becoming undeniable that a fundamental shift is taking place in society. Perhaps you noticed it when two or three foreclosure signs went up on your street. Or perhaps it got your attention when that nice fellow down the street lost his job, and he and his family seemingly just disappeared from the neighborhood one day. The Census Bureau made front page headlines all over the nation this week when they announced that one out of every seven Americans was living in poverty in 2009. Every single day more Americans are getting sucked out of the middle class and into soul-crushing poverty.   

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Do any of you have any suggestions for how we should go about fixing all of this?

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I think there are two things that can prevent TEOTWAWKI (The End Of The World As We Know It).

One, we must redefine the money back to a commodity money. I think the easiest way to do that is to repeal the “Legal Tender” laws. Allow everyone the freedom to transact in whatever currency they wish to. Competition will supply the discipline.

Two, we must end Gooferment education. It took decades to destroy American education; we need a transition plan back to “you had them; you educate them”. (I proposed a 40 year plan back in the Eighties during the NJ tax revolt days. If it had been adopted, we’d be almost done with the propaganda camps.)

From these two actions, we’d turn the Titanic away from the iceberg.

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JOBSEARCH: Us “criminals” should be our own businesses

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It amazes me how people in our society today have become so incensitive, selfish and backstabbing. These traits seem to thrive in corporate America. People in the work place use the HR dept as a way of excercising control. It’s sad that families have to pay a terrible price because someone was “inconvenienced” in the workplace. HR comes swooping in like the Gestapo, not caring about your say in the matter. It feels like an execution, but without offering you a cigarette before they shoot you. You have no rights because corporations are essentially dictatorships.

You hand over your ID card and then building security escorts you out of the building. You feel like a criminal. As you walk to your car, you thinK to yourself, what am I going to say to my wife? What’s going to happen to my family? As Tom says above, you can never trust your employer, or for that matter, the employees. When you spend a third of your life at a work place, it’s easy to drop your guard and see everyone as one big happy family. It’s sad, but as Tom says, you have to keep to yourself. Don’t offer anyone a piece of your personal life that they can use against you, and have a plan B. For me, plan B was not spending my inital sign on bonus. When I first got hired, my wife said we’ll need that money as our life boat someday. Low and behold! I know it’s cliche, but “it’s always darkest before the dawn”!

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Success for your generation is:

(4) a blue collar skill for hard times — never saw a poor plumber;

(5) one or more internet based businesses — your store is always open;

(6) develop a second business or avocation – under the radar – start small part-time;

Of my NINE items, a full third is aimed at freeing yourself from the “man”.

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