FUN: No word on hair color

Monday August 30, 2010 10:05 PM EDT


South Brunswick Police received a 911 call reporting a car fire on Bard Drive North at 11am Monday morning. Officers arrived to find a 1998 Honda Civic fully engulfed in flames. The driver, a 19 year old female from Rocky Hill said she had been smoking a cigarette a few minutes before the fire happened. She thought she threw the cigarette out the window but realized she may have missed when the car caught fire. After throwing the cigarette she continued to drive until she felt heat on her back and the vehicle began to fill wiith smoke. This is when she pulled over and got out of the vehicle.

The vehicle was completely destroyed. There were no injuries. The Monmouth Junction Fire Department responded to the scene and extinguished the vehicle.

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No word on the hair color of the young woman.

No word if Daddy was going to buy her a new “safer” car.

No word if she graduated Gooferment Skrule.

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POLITICAL: BHO44’s “End of Iraq Combat Operations” speech last night

How do you tell when a politician is lying?

Yes, his lips moved.

I couldn’t believe how flat he was as he read this fairy tale to us.

Did ANYONE believe it?

And 50k of armed troopers, boots on the ground, isn’t “out”. It’s like so many many other places, we’re suck there.


It doesn’t make it true.

And, the body language. Guess he should just go back on vacation for the next two years. We’d be better off.

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QUOTE: Call me “Mr. Roubadoux!

Plot Summary for “ER” True Lies (1996)

*** begin quote ***

Carter laughs at the idea of Benton going with his sister Jackie, asks Jeanie to go with him. Carter does everything he can to get rid of Mrs. and Mr. Rubadoux. Having finally stabilized Mrs. Rubadoux, Carter is able to have her transferred to a nursing home only to have her return soon after in a coma. Even at that, he can’t quite bring himself to tell her husband Ruby that she will never recover.

*** and ***

[Ruby is mad at Carter for lying to him about his wife]

Dr. John Carter: What do you want from me?
Jules ‘Ruby’ Rubadoux: The truth!
Dr. John Carter: Fine, your wife is dying and she isn’t leaving this hospital!
Jules ‘Ruby’ Rubadoux: Thank you!
[Ruby storms out]
Dr. John Carter: Ruby… I’m sorry.
Jules ‘Ruby’ Rubadoux: Call me “Mr. Roubadoux!”

*** end quote ***

All I can think of is that ER episode?

SOOooo, am I just “Jules ‘Ruby’ Rubadoux”?

… … just like what the TV “john carter” did to a pathetic Red Buttons.

Channeling my inner John Wayne in “The Horse Soldiers” where Wayne (Marlowe) drinks heavily at the hotel bar and as his men blow up the depot, bitterly remarks to Secord that before the war he built railroads. When Hannah expresses puzzlement over Marlowe’s venomous attack on the exhausted Kendall, Marlowe confesses that the ineptitude of doctors killed his wife years earlier.

The line goes “held my wife while she died” and then “should have killed all of them”. Or like that!


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