TAGONIST: 2010-09-22 FL Police “hip check” an old vet into a broken neck


84-year-old vet suffers broken neck after police takedown
By Dave D’Marko, Reporter
Last Updated: Monday, September 20, 2010 3:50 PM

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ORLANDO — An elderly man is in critical condition after being thrown to the ground by a police officer.

It happened Saturday night near North Orange Avenue after police say Daniel Daley put his hands on the cop.

The World War II veteran is out of surgery. He suffered an injury doctors at Florida Hospital say only about 10 percent of people are lucky enough to survive.

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Witnesses say he put his hands on the officer three times and the cop warned him to stop each time.

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Another witness says the officer then violently hip checked him and took him to the ground.

Daley ended up in Florida Hospital with a broken neck.

There’s nothing that deals with the elderly in the Orlando Police Department’s use of force policy. However, it does define imminent danger as a situation that could lead to death or great bodily harm.

An Orlando police sergeant and spokesperson said this situation should qualify as imminent danger, but many residents don’t think so.

“I don’t think anyone needs to be thrown to the ground and have their neck broken because they were parked in the wrong spot,” said Gabby Aparacio, store customer. “I mean he’s an old man. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been drinking or not. How belligerent can you be?”

“I know when I get angry, I ball my fist. It doesn’t mean I’m going to hit you. I think he had no right to do so,” said Nataya Benway.

As part of standard procedure, internal investigators will look at whether the officer complied with the department’s use of force policy.

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[ANTAGONIST: Well, we can’t have an old man, a vet beside, actually touching a cop. Seriously, are these guys so inept or so untrained that two of them can’t “handle” one old man without “breaking” him? And, what did they say to get him to that state. What are thy gonna do when they run up a real threat. And, they don’t even get a paid vacation. Just a “we’ll look at our policy”. Here’s a guy, who put himself in harm’s way for the country; couldn’t he, and all “criminals” be treated better. Bad Kop!]

[PROTAGONIST: Here is the key line…. ‘Witnesses say he put his hands on the officer three times and the cop warned him to stop each time.’]

You decide: Good Cop or Bad Kop?

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MONEY: Just how much debt are we in?


US Government ‘hiding true amount of debt’

* By Gregory Bresiger

* From: NewsCore

* September 20, 2010 9:09AM

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THE actual figure of the US’ national debt is much higher than the official sum of $US13.4 trillion ($14.3 trillion) given by the Congressional Budget Office, according to analysts cited on Sunday by the New York Post.

“The Government is lying about the amount of debt. It is engaging in Enron accounting,” said Laurence Kotlikoff, an economist at Boston University and co-author of The Coming Generational Storm: What You Need to Know about America’s Economic Future.

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The various authors and economists quibble about what it is exactly. But whether it is the lowest at 60T$ or the highest at 200T$, does that really make a big difference?

We need “honest counts” so we know how big a hole we are in!

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The word is ‘ebne’ which means ‘Excellent But Not Enough’. If you want to change something you need to attack it. — Edward De Bono

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Interesting in that lateral thinking, you need to be able to get past a blocking idea to get to a better idea. You need to label the current stte “ebne”!

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