RANT: The police are inept


Shocking testimony reveals police inaction in Conn. horror home invasion
Last Updated: 2:34 PM, September 15, 2010
Posted: 12:54 PM, September 15, 2010

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Podunk local cops wasted more than half an hour assessing the Connecticut home invasion and setting up a vehicle perimeter — time the two attackers used to strangle the mother in her living room and set the fire that claimed the lives of the two girls upstairs, according to shocking testimony today.

The revelation — which suggests perhaps the family could have been saved but for police bungling — came on day three of testimony in the murder trial of crack addict Steven Hayes, charged as one of the two monsters who launched a rein of rape and murder against a Cheshire, CT family on a Monday morning in July, 2007.

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It’s Columbine all over again.

The police have morphed into a Pretorian Guard of bureaucrats, who fund raise for the Empire, and are the janitors of violent situations.

Failure to deploy puts people at risk. In this case, kills you.

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JOBSEARCH: The Gold Watch Era is long over


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When I was growing up, the ethic was you went to a paternalistic company, gave them 45 years of loyal services, and were rewarded with a pension and social security. My mom did 48. An uncle 42. I have many many examples of this. I am sure you have your own. It was a great time to be an employee.

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Had an interesting discussion with relatives. Trying to convince them that many of their paradigms and memes, based on a gold watch era, were insane.

I don’t think I changed anyone’s mind.

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