POLITICAL: Police want an intrusive capability


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Sheriffs in North Carolina want access to state computer records identifying anyone with prescriptions for powerful painkillers and other controlled substances.

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You’re gonna be in that database! What people put in the body is nobody’s business. Unless, they hurt others or expect “We, The People” to clean up after them.

Sorry, but what the economists call “the natural rate of addiction” hasn’t really changed since the Ancient Greeks. New drugs, new laws, new approaches — no difference. Even in China. where they had the death penalty for it, and they STILL have the natural rate of addiction.

And, we have to endure civil strife. End the psuedo drug laws, put WalMart in charge of selling “illegal drugs” and let’s all live in peace.


Let’s put the various “Drug Lords” out of business! The various Czars as well!!

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TECHNOLOGY: Online storage; free, of course


Online Free Storage

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Why do they give away free online storage space? To get you hooked on it, of course. Drug dealers give away free samples too, and start charging when a user’s habit is big enough and strong enough. Microsoft Azure offers a measly 500 MB of free online storage

as an introductory offer, while their SkyDrive gives you 25GB of space. Google Storage is offering “up to 100 GB per object (file stored) and up to 1000 buckets (places to store objects) per account” during its beta/preview period.

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You really want what I call a “shadowing” type (i.e., alternatives like Dropbox | Carbonite | Mozy), where you just do your think normally and all the backing up and / or syncing is done under the covers. If you have to think about it, that’s bad. You’ll forget. Everyone does.

From an information security perspective, I’d like it to be encrypted by my platform BEFORE it is place in the directory and synced out to the cloud. Maybe in Release 2 of these services?

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