JOBSEARCH: UI is bad public policy

@LaneZane I too am unemployed. At 63, I doubt I’m ever going to have another job.

That being said, “Unemployment Insurance” is a BAD public policy.

To a drowning man, it’s hard to lecture that a life preserver was an unnecessary expense on the Titanic. (Life preservers in the frigid water meant you slowly froze to death as opposed to quickly drowning.

“To me it’s just a made up word. A politician’s word, so young fellas like yourself can wear a suit and a tie, and have a job.” — Red in The Shawshank Redemption (1994)

It’s purpose to give politicians “talking points” and bureaucrats jobs. The politicians can posture and bureaucrats can shovel paper. And, as a public policy, it encourages people, at the margins, and at the lower earning levels, to NOT diligently search. It’s like welfare that saps the ambition to do better.

Unemployment Insurance is not insurance. The loss of a job is not like a tornado, flood, or fire. It’s not a random event. The crappy economy is CAUSED by the politicians and bureaucrats. And, as such, the unemployed get screwed.

We’d be better off without it. Make our own “unemployment insurance”. Don’t collect that payroll tax, Don’t have all those bureaucrats. And, make politicians accountable for their actions. For example, what employer, in their right mind, with Obamacare, higher taxes, and a slowing economy coming at them, would ADD an employee now?

And, it’s BOTH parties. They both SUCK!

Bottom line, it’s the spending. And, the unfunded entitlements. And the extra regulations. And, the cabal of politicians, Wall Street, Bankers, Federal Reserve, and all the bureaucrats that make it impossible to do business and have a thriving economy.

In short the politicians killed the “golden goose” — the economy. And, it’s up to us, “We, The People” to instruct them in the error of their ways. D or R, if they are an incumbent, then they need to go.

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P.S., Why are we giving wealthy politicians lucrative pensions? Their pensions are more than most people make. That’s nuts. Political pensions should be nuked! Another expense we don’t need.

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GOVERNACIDE: What counts?

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The soldier death count is another statistical deception. The actual death count is at least triple the official number posted by the US Military. The official count is of soldiers who died on Iraqi soil, not those who were moved to hospitals outside of Iraq, like other Persian Gulf nations, a ship on the Gulf itself or the Mediterranean Sea, or even Germany.

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You may want to at least be aware of this item.

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INTERESTING: Making decisions

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Re: what’s to lose doing somewhere else

I’m just not sure X is a good idea, but Y’s becoming more open to the idea itself. Y’s frustrated. Which I think is EXACTLY the wrong motivation.

• This maybe imho a “below the waterline” decision. And, not I, nor you, nor any one, but Y “owns” the problem.

• When it’s above the WL, your bias should be to act. When below, the bias should be to carefully consider action. First, do no harm? Blundering about doing “stuff” ain’t a formula for success.

• It moved below the waterline when <something bad changes>. (And, you become aware of it!)

• Hence, I’ve changed my bias. When it wasn’t so severe, I was anxious to go somewhere else for “the answer”. Now, I’m scared

• Doing something just to do something maybe the case of jumping from pan to fire.

• You don’t know that you’re going to get better care; unimaginable, but it could be worse. Much worse?

• It’ll certainly be father away from our base, from supportive relatives.

• You have NO assurance that the next set of docs has an answer.

• You have NO assurance that there is an answer.

• And, chasing a “false hope” may distract you from being in the moment. And “paying attention”.

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