INTERESTING: Making decisions

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Re: what’s to lose doing somewhere else

I’m just not sure X is a good idea, but Y’s becoming more open to the idea itself. Y’s frustrated. Which I think is EXACTLY the wrong motivation.

• This maybe imho a “below the waterline” decision. And, not I, nor you, nor any one, but Y “owns” the problem.

• When it’s above the WL, your bias should be to act. When below, the bias should be to carefully consider action. First, do no harm? Blundering about doing “stuff” ain’t a formula for success.

• It moved below the waterline when <something bad changes>. (And, you become aware of it!)

• Hence, I’ve changed my bias. When it wasn’t so severe, I was anxious to go somewhere else for “the answer”. Now, I’m scared

• Doing something just to do something maybe the case of jumping from pan to fire.

• You don’t know that you’re going to get better care; unimaginable, but it could be worse. Much worse?

• It’ll certainly be father away from our base, from supportive relatives.

• You have NO assurance that the next set of docs has an answer.

• You have NO assurance that there is an answer.

• And, chasing a “false hope” may distract you from being in the moment. And “paying attention”.

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