POLITICAL: Carter speaks; to get out of the doghouse?


Sept. 16, 2010
Jimmy Carter Slams Ted Kennedy On Health Care
Tells “60 Minutes” Comprehensive Care Would Be In Place Had The Late Senator Not Killed His Bill

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(CBS) The late Sen. Ted Kennedy, champion of the recent health plan legislation, actually delayed comprehensive coverage for Americans for decades, says former President Jimmy Carter. It was Kennedy’s actions to kill Carter’s own health care bill that made Americans wait more than 30 years for meaningful coverage, says Carter in an interview with “60 Minutes” correspondent Lesley Stahl.

*** end quote ***

Well, if he wanted Carter-care, then I’ll have to praise Saint Teddy. Right result for the wrong reasons is still the right result.

Perhaps, Carter senses that Obama is trying to displace him as the worst most-inept President in “modern times”. Jimmy, for all his faults, can’t come close to Lincoln as the “worst”. And, he’s not even in the second tier of “worser” — WW1 Wilson, SSI FDR, Hiroshima Truman!

And, of all the two faced politicians, Carter did send Amy to public school. Not a hypocrite like these others.

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