POLITICS: Press misses the “salt in the wound” at Notre Dame


Obama takes a run at Notre Dame football

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Without getting into the crux of the controversy, I believe the author has misstated the upset. It was the “honorary degree” that sent everyone over the top. The Council of Bishops expressly prohibited “honoring”. That’s what sent everything into overdrive. And, his far “left” stance on abortion (i.e., infanticide). Well, Notre Dame did do one thing; it activated all the pro-lifers and firmly hung the “pro-abortion” label on President Obama. With Government Motors, the non-stimulating stimulus pork bil, and the huge 9T$ over 4 years, it would appears that reelection is far from a certainty. And, the House may turn over in 2010. Good work, Notre Dame. Too bad they had to sell their soul to do it.

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JOBSEARCH: Turkeys have to deal with their feelings!


Time Makes A List Of Tech Failures, Microsoft Makes It Twice by Leena Rao on May 15, 2009


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Time Magazine recently published a list (completed by 24/7 Wall St.) of the “Top Ten Biggest Tech Failures Of The Past Decade.” Microsoft Vista, Microsoft Zune, Gateway, YouTube and the Segway all made the list.

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I was attracted to the picture.

In job search, the search is usually preceded by a job “loss”.

It feels like this picture.

Heck of a way to end a career.

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INTERESTING: Glen Beck on “The View”

First segment: The gals got him on embellishing the Amtrack story. He made at least one factual error. And, failed to press the “reservation” argument.

Second segment: He came off pretty good but did parry Walter’s question: “What do you believe?” He morphed it into they were denigrating him. He missed an opportunity to do his thirteen values speech.

All in all, I’d give him a C minus.

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LIBERTY: Friends?


California’s Day of Reckoning: May 19 by Gary North

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Decades ago, my friend M. Stanton Evans came up with a law, comparable to Murphy’s Law. I came across it in a delightful compilation of these laws, a book titled “The Official Rules.” It is designated as Evans’ Law of Political Perfidy. “When our friends are elected, they aren’t our friends any more.”

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I like this! We have no “friends” in the halls of power. We never do it seems. Argh! I’ve formed the opinion that we have to “kill” the overreaching gooferment. No other solution can put the genie back in the bottle. No way to limit its power. No way to keep it from escaping its supposed “chains of the Constitution”. Lysander Spooner was right!

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