GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Making an Irish company with a U.S. subsidiary

Businesses pan tax crackdown plan
Say proposal to close loopholes will drive jobs out of the country
By Jon Ward (Contact) | Tuesday, May 5, 2009

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“Obama’s proposal will shove jobs and capital out of America and into foreign countries,” said Americans for Tax Reform, pointing out that U.S. companies already pay a higher corporate tax rate of 40 percent domestically than in many other countries, and that forcing them to pay this rate on profits they make internationally will drive operations out of the country.

“It’s a relatively simple matter for a U.S. company with an Irish subsidiary to become an Irish company with a U.S. subsidiary,” the anti-tax group said.

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Politicians think that no one will adapt to their latest hair brained scheme.

I hope someone is keeping track of this little “project’s” results.

We should have a zero corporate tax rate. And, everyone would be moving here!

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PRODUCTIVITY: WOW, I have at least one FAN!  

My head just got two sizes bigger.

I’m speechless and that doesn’t happen very often.

How can I repay someone who has “nominated” me to Oprah?

I’m not an Oprah fan. Not enough hours in the day to watch lots of TV. Even in “retirement”! (?)

But, you have to admire someone like Oprah who puts together a media empire.

No doubt, if some one put my book on Oprah, then I’d be on the metaphorical “trail” of a second career. Watch out James Patterson. (Also a Jasper!)

If Oprah does call, then I’m going to buy a lottery ticket!

Thanks, Lane.

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LIBERTY: GM along with the banks equals AMTRAK aka fascism

May 02, 2009
Amtraking Automakers
By J. Robert Smith

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The odds that the federal government will ever get its hooks out of Chrysler or General Motors are slim to none, regardless what President Obama says. Why? In one word, Amtrak.

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Doesn’t anyone else see that this is fascism?

Government Motors and the banks becoming like the post office!


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