GOVEROTRAGEOUS: ALL politician lie; we just have to watch them

Pelosi: Torture protest improper in ’03

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi learned in early 2003 that the Bush administration was waterboarding terror detainees but didn’t protest directly out of respect for “appropriate” legislative channels, a confidant of the San Francisco Democrat said Monday.

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How can you tell when a politcian is lying?

When their lips are moving!

She wants it her way all the time regardless of facts or history.

They’re all the same.

And she’s THIRD in line to be PRESIDENT?!

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GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Jury duty is slavery!

Texas man jailed 83 days for skipping jury duty
May 9, 1:56 PM (ET)

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McKINNEY, Texas (AP) – A man arrested for allegedly failing to appear for jury duty was released Saturday after spending 83 days in jail, a length of detention that a judge called “unacceptable.”

Douglas Maupin was released a day after The Dallas Morning News brought his plight to the attention of a Collin County judge.

Maupin, a masonry contractor, was arrested Feb. 15 after police pulled him over for speeding. Police then detained him on a 2003 warrant for failure to appear for jury duty.

He wrote a letter to the newspaper about his lengthy jail stay, then said in a jailhouse interview that he, his friends and family could not afford his $1,500 bail.

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Guess no one ever heard of the Fourteenth Amendment about slavery!

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