INTERESTING: The origination of “America”


I thought America (i.e., the USA) was founded by LEFT-wing extremists. They were essentially LIBERTARIANS. At least Jefferson was. Everyone other than Hamilton and the Federalists. The Anit-Federalist definitely were LEFT.


The problem is that Democrats have forgotten they are the party of civil liberties and the Republicans have forgotten they are the party of smaller government.

Too bad, Mister Jefferson, it was a nice try. And, too bad, Mister Franklin, we couldn’t keep it.

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RANT: Taxpayers pay for sports socialism

May 18, 2009
No Thanks, Emperor
Posted by Lew Rockwell at May 18, 2009 09:46 AM

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Finally, when you take into account the way local taxpayers always seem to foot the bill for stadia and arenas, it is clear that we have sports socialism in this country, just like the bread and circuses of old Rome. I love sports, but I think this country desperately needs separation of sports and state.

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I think we should have the separation of the “state” from everything. Can we put DC on the space telescope?

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