POLITICAL: Can’t beleive anything a politician or his pr flaks report


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Obama observes Memorial Day at Arlington cemetery…


Subject: Pool report 5/25/09

POTUS is, reportedly, golfing with Marvin Nicholson. No actual glimpses of the presidential golf game. Aides say POTUS paused at 3 p.m. to observe a moment of silence.

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Does anyone REALLY believe that?

I don’t!

Especially since he was out of sight.


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GUNS: City infringes


POSTED: Tuesday, May. 19, 2009
Bellingham drafts ban on gun sales
Law would affect areas near primary, secondary schools

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BELLINGHAM – Guns sales would still be allowed within 500 feet of day cares and colleges, but they’d be banned near public and private primary and secondary schools, under a new city proposal.

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What part of “shall not be infringed” do these politicians not understand?

Do gun sales near a school threaten the school? Perhaps, if some of the teachers and staff were armed, then it wouldn’t be a “TARGET”! Arm the custodians and it would give new meaning to “take out the trash”.

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LIBERTY: Memorial Day; very sad







A lot of good men, and even some women, paid the ultimate price getting us to where we are now. Memorial Day remembers them.

And, that their sacrifice should not be in vane.

Sigh, sadly, I’m not so sure we appreciate it.

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RANT: Unidine or Obama’s Heathcare proxy

RANT: Unidine or Obama’s Heathcare proxy

LADIES4LIBERTY do a skit for universal dining … err, healthcare. Hey, amateur? Yes! Dead on accurate? Yes! See your local VA patron for how they feel about gooferment health care.

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INTERESTING: Carrier targets


May 25, 2009
A Memorial in Naval History
By Jan LaRue

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Japanese hubris contributed to the loss of their carriers. Their decks, painted bright yellow with the infamous red dot, were perfect targets for our bomber pilots. The decks of our carriers were painted blue, like the sea.

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Re: the Battle of Midway

I never heard that before?

May need some confirmation of that!

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INTERESTING: Memorial Day war movies

It’s with mixed emotion that I watch the “war movies” that inhabit the old TV movie channels on “patriotic” holidays. Now, I have no illusions why they are showing the genre. Not that they are “patriots”. But, it does get an audience of those wistful for the simpler times, those seeking “action”, and those who have illusions of what war is.

People, mostly men, die!

You can lose sight of that fact in their silver screen propaganda.


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INTERESTING: 50 year old ocean flow mode is wrong; “global warming”?

Ocean Circulation Doesn’t Work As Expected

from Slashdot by kdawson

techno-vampire writes with word that a long-accepted model of deep ocean currents is inaccurate. Deep Sea News has a summary of the research, to be published in Nature. The Woods Hole press release has more details. “A 50 year old model of global thermohaline circulation that predicts a deep Atlantic counter current below the Gulf Stream is now formally called into question by an armada of subsurface RAFOS floats drifting 700 – 1500m deep. Nearly 80% of the RAFOS floats escaped the Deep Western Boundary Current (DWBC), drifting into the open ocean. This confirms suspicions that have been around since the 1990’s, and likely plays havoc with global models of climate change.”

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A fifty year old model is wrong! And “global warming” is based on what model? How old?


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