LIBERTY: Buchanan points the way for the GOP

The winning issue for GOP
Pat Buchanan
Posted: May 08, 2009

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Why is the party in trouble? Simple. Dubya got a hold of the keys, got high on neocon hooch, and crashed and rolled the family SUV.

He launched an unnecessary war against a country that had not attacked us. With his utopian No Child Left Behind scheme and his Medicare drug plan, he did his passable imitation of LBJ, and blew a hole in the budget.

Touting globalism, he presided over the loss of one in every four U.S. manufacturing jobs and ran up $5 trillion in trade deficits. He refused to defend the Mexican border against an invasion, then pushed an amnesty for the invaders.

This was no Reaganite. This was the neocons’ apprentice.

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If the Republican Party wants a future, it will become again the party that stands on the principle that “No discrimination means no discrimination,” that stands with the victims of state bigotry, and that stands up to hypocrites like the Jim Crow liberals of New Haven.

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To return to power, the GOP has to return to the Taft – Reagan wing of the party. Principles of smaller government will win. We can’t afford the nonsense that substitutes for wisdom in DC.

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TECHNOLOGY: Print On Demand for magazines

A Cloud In Every Garage
Russ Daniels, 05.07.09, 06:00 PM EDT
HP on how cloud computing can help re-ignite the global economy.

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HP has a cloud service, called MagCloud, that makes it possible for anyone to publish a professional-quality magazine and print, promote, sell and deliver it on demand. Printing on demand means no large press runs, no pre-publication expense, no waste.

By eliminating substantial pieces of the physical supply chain, we can offer professional-quality print to a mass audience while reducing the impact on the environment. The same on-demand technology can be extended to book publishing and allow individuals to print customized books, mixing their own content with that of professionals.

Looking ahead, we envision a rich ecosystem of printing services–connecting businesses to businesses and businesses to individuals–that delivers information where, when and how it’s needed.

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Print On Demand for magazines?

I like POD for books. It makes the family history possible. Have to see how this is implemented and how much it costs. Niche magazines might be possible if they are built on a advertising model and if they are dirt cheap. Where will be the margin for the mission?

Reigniting the world economy?


Cloud computing has major problems: version control; payment; and data ownership right off the top of my head.

Maybe I’m just an old fuddy duddy

Besides, connectivity to the cloud is NOT ubiquitous or cheap (i.e., free are very close to it). And the ISPs (i.e., AT&T, the Bells, Comcast, the Cable Companies) have other ideas on how they are going to keep their monopoly and monitize it. And, don’t forget how they are strangling peer 2 peer technology with caps and deep stateful packet inspection (i.e., poisoning).

No, this ain’t the Far East with big pipes to the home and “enlighted” politicial and technology leadership.

The inet may have been an American invention, but it’s going to be the Far East boom 2.0!

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