POLITICS: Press misses the “salt in the wound” at Notre Dame


Obama takes a run at Notre Dame football

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Without getting into the crux of the controversy, I believe the author has misstated the upset. It was the “honorary degree” that sent everyone over the top. The Council of Bishops expressly prohibited “honoring”. That’s what sent everything into overdrive. And, his far “left” stance on abortion (i.e., infanticide). Well, Notre Dame did do one thing; it activated all the pro-lifers and firmly hung the “pro-abortion” label on President Obama. With Government Motors, the non-stimulating stimulus pork bil, and the huge 9T$ over 4 years, it would appears that reelection is far from a certainty. And, the House may turn over in 2010. Good work, Notre Dame. Too bad they had to sell their soul to do it.

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2 thoughts on “POLITICS: Press misses the “salt in the wound” at Notre Dame

  1. I’d call in “Catholic In Name Only”. Time for the Church to protect its “brand” and issuing “cease and desist” orders for then to use the trademark “Catholic”. Lest anyone misunderstand: We’re all sinners, but we try as best we can. This isn’t “misunderstanding”! Notre Dame and the CINO politicians like Pelosi, Kennedy, and such CLEARLY don’t agree with one or more of the Church’s central tenets (e.g., every human life has value; killing innocents is unacceptable; using the byproducts of murder is the same as murder). So, they create their own church.

  2. Yes we can thank Notre Dame for exposing Obama the baby killer, but what they also did was remove themselves from any distinction as a Catholic University. Notre Dame is no longer a Catholic University, it’s just another of the liberal secular colleges that pander to the left and corrupt politicians.

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