GOVERNACIDE: Government Health Care? Think VA or Medicare!

I suggest EVERYONE get active. Hillary tried to nationalize Healthcare; Obama is back to try again. I don’t know about you but I’ve seen the VA’s health care and Medicare. Canadians come to Buffalo for MRIs; it’s well documented that by the time a Canadian can get their “free” MRI, cancers have had time to metastasize and kill people. England has a booming “medical tourism” industry where the English go to India and the Far East for cheap medical care that they can’t get at home. Don’t forget that medical care is the classic economic service with an inelastic demand curve. (Demand isn’t very responsive to cost.) So, the only way that the government can control demand is with rationing. If you think that dealing with Insurance Companies is bad, try dealing with the Government. Sorry, the current system has problems, but imho they are caused by government at the State and Federal level. They have the FDA a captive of the drug companies, the AMA restrict who can “practice medicine”, and the Pharmacists have a monopoly on dispensing drug. Plus don’t forget the psuedo drug war. Sorry, but I need quality medical care for spouse. Remember, if Fritz had been in England, then he’d have been too old for dialyses. Rationing, like gas lines, will kill people. And, once “it” is started, like Social Security, Medicare, and the Medicare Drug Benefit, there will be no way to stop it. And, future generations will go broke paying for it. Argh!

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May 16, 2009
How to Stop a Healthcare Hijack
By J. Robert Smith

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Stop an arcane parliamentary maneuver – “reconciliation” – and the odds improve at stopping the Democrats march toward socialized medicine. But Republicans can’t do it; not alone, anyway. It’s up to the legions of Tea Partiers and average Americans to win the fight.

Reconciliation is aimed at dramatically restricting debate and banning filibuster on budget-related matters. It allows for a simple up or down vote. Senate Democrats are keeping it as an option if progress lags in recasting healthcare as a government-run enterprise. A good bet is that they’ll invoke it. Why?

Because a thorough public airing and extensive Senate debate will expose the Democrats’ plan for what it is: a demolishing of the doctor-patient relationship in favor of a politician-bureaucrat driven system; and a system all about rationing.

Democrats are quick to say that Republicans used reconciliation when they were the majority. That’s true, but it was used principally to get up or down votes on lowering taxes, not upending a huge portion of the nation’s economy.

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