Sad to say, age discrimination is alive and well

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Sad to say, age discrimination is alive and well 

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Ahh Dave, a topic near and dear, but as a big turkey, I think one has to "get over it". I've shared the story in which the HR head of a Financial Institution, who I knew well, had the clarity to tell me that I was "too old" for them. :-) I am happy to report that they are no longer in business. Getting tagged with a felony is not good for business. Unfortunately it was NOT for age discrimination! So, when I hear a fellow turkey complain about "age discrimination", I ask them if they gripe about the Law of Gravity, the Third Law of Entropy, and the Law of Supply and Demand. When they look at me as if I have three heads, I continue to point out the innumerable constraints of life. If pushed, I probably can sign a few versus of the song from "The Facts Of Life". (Frau Reinke liked that show.) Bottom line: Grow up, shut up, pull up your big boy pants, and go compete. Demonstrate that old doesn't mean senile. That grey hair is NOT synonymous with old ideas. And that having experience means you don't have to make every single mistake that everyone else has made in doing something. I try to stress that us old folks tend to work smarter rather than harder because we made those mistakes on someone else's payroll. Needless to say, I'm employed and plan to stay that way until old and senile. Not needing their job is one of the best ways I know to ensure that you have a job. That convinces them that you actually know more than they do. Zero debt, secure retirement when you choose, and a few bucks in the bank can impress any recruiter. It levels the playing field. Especially when you can say, I think I can help you if you let me. And if you don't, no big deal. Like the Sally Rand fan dance, you have keep them guessing. And when they can't have you, then they want you. ;-)

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