WRITING: Filling a Libertarian Cabinet?

I’ve been amusing my self writng an alternative history. So I am trying to fill my imginary Libertarian Cabinet for my new imaginary Libertarina President Ron Paul. So would you like to be my imaginary Libertarian VP? I have pencilled in Gatto for Education, Bonner for Treasury, North for Federal Reserve, Reese for State, Suprynowicz for Attorney General, Machan for the NEArts.

But as you can see I need a lot of help. We need an L to change Defense back to Defense. Some one to sell land to from Interior to pay off the national debt, social security liability, and redeem all those furbie ious.

I did decide in my new Libertarain world that the unit of currency, our thaller, would hence forth be called a “browne”. Washington’s picture would share is palace on our thaller with Harry. Two American patriots. Of course all pictures of Lincoln would be retired. Jefferson would more from the Two (?) to the five. And since we will repeal all legal tender laws, who’ll care any way.

Any way, I need help filling out the cabinet. Maybe we should hold elections? Will real people proposing how they would eliminate their most hated government thing? Since Lincoln marks the Second American Revolution around 1860 and it’s 2006 today, we dug this hole in 146 years, it may take us a hundred years to dig out. So I’d suggest a rule that says, no elimniation program can take less than 10 years nor more than 100. 

We have to give people time to adjust.

Yeah, I know I’m just an April Fool!

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