POLITICAL: It seems like “fundamental values” are under attack from the Left and Right


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Seems like “values” need reaffirmation and reenforcement.


GOLD: Will the price of gas reflect the price of gold?

“… … the idea that gold will break above $5,000 per ounce in due time.”

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​This will be a disaster for Joe Sixpack and “We, The Sheeple”.

5k$/oz gold implies 50$​/oz silver and if I go my math correctly 12.50$/gal gasoline.

I don’t think the USA can survive that.

Today the price of gold and silver is artificially suppressed by the Gooferments and the Central Banks of the world.  If, and not so big an “if” imho, the U$D loses its “reserve currency” status and the “petrodollar” monopoly ends,  the USA will be hurting as the “very ugly chickens” come home to roost (i.e., the FED printed trillions come back to the USA).


GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Defund the Smithsonian!


Smithsonian Institution Explains That ‘Rationality’ & ‘Hard Work’ Are Racist
by Tyler Durden
Tue, 07/21/2020 – 20:25

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After an online outcry, the Smithsonian removed the chart on Thursday night — but not with any denunciation of the chart’s content, only the bland understatement that the chart turned out to “not contribute to the productive discussion” they had wished for. Of course, the lack of “productive discussion” shouldn’t have surprised, given the shoddy scholarship it reflected. The original chart contained a single footnote linking to a one-page PDF asserting, sans evidence, that traits such as “hard work,” “self-reliance,” and politeness “are common characteristics of most U.S. White people most of the time.”

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This is my tax dollars at work even though I would NOT fund it if I had a choice.  Too PC for me.

At least in the free market, I get to fund the stuff that represents my choices.  Hell, even I don’t always agree with some organizations all the time, I still kick in.


GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Remdesivir — a conflict of interest story


36 Steps Medical Authorities Have Taken To Guarantee Maximum Death & Disruption from Coronavirus

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Dr. Nass points out that the National Institute of Health’s committee that sets guidelines for coronavirus treatment has 16 members with financial entanglements with Gilead, including two of the three co-chairmen of the committee.  Dr. Nass asks:  “Are you surprised that their guidelines recommend specifically against the use of hydroxychloroquine and in favor of Remdesivir, and that they deem this (Remdesivir) the new ‘standard of care’”?

Now ask yourself, when the entirety of the Western media and the medical establishment purposely cause illness and death so that money can be made, why do you believe what media and authorities tell you about George Floyd’s death and everything else?

On what big issue have we ever been told the truth by media and authorities? USS Liberty?  9/11?  Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction?  Assad’s use of chemical weapons?  Iranian nukes?  Russian bounties to the Taliban to kill US soldiers? Russiagate?  Impeachgate?

Many commentators have been suspicious of the pandemic seeing that it serves control and profit.  Many are convinced that the pandemic was unleashed on the world for power and money.  My own view has been that the dangerous virus probably escaped from a lab and that Big Pharma, Bill Gates, and the police state have been quick to use it for their agendas. 

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Anyone else see the story differently?


TECHNOLOGY: Amazon Dash Wand shows you how much Amazon cares about anything


Amazon is constantly evaluating our product and service offerings to best serve our customers. As of today, Dash Wand devices are no longer supported. You can still use Alexa to add items to your Shopping List, add groceries to your cart, reorder items, and more with any Echo device or use the Alexa feature within the Amazon App and the Alexa App. Learn more about shopping with Alexa.

If you wish to dispose of your Dash Wand device, please find more information about the Amazon Recycling Program here. Before disposing of your Dash Wand device, you can easily deregister it by visiting your account’s “Manage Your Content and Devices“ page and selecting the “Devices” tab on Amazon.com or in the Amazon App. Then, select your Dash Wand and press “Deregister.”

Thanks for being an Amazon customer. We hope to see you again soon.

Amazon Alexa Shopping team

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Still think they should have bought it back!


POLITICAL: Mexican lawmakers take bribes. BUT not our politicians!?!


Ex-PEMEX CEO testified that lawmakers took bribes, AMLO says
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MEXICO CITY (Bloomberg) –A former head of Mexico’s PEMEX is testifying that lawmakers were bribed to pass a 2014 reform that opened the energy sector to private investment, President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said on Friday.

Lopez Obrador said that Emilio Lozoya, who was extradited from Spain this month to face corruption charges in Mexico, is shining light on how money was distributed to legislators.

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Now that NEVER happens in the USA!



GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Tariffs are unfair to the consumer and distort the market economy


As the oil industry struggles, are national leaders waiting until it’s too late to intervene?

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As major service companies present their Q2 earnings results, they are offering what is perhaps the industry’s leas-politically-biased assessments of future oil and gas demand – and it contradicts how OPEC+ and the IEA want to lead the market in the coming quarters.

*** and ***

In a 180-degree shift from just a few months ago, Texas Railroad Commission Chairman Wayne Christian wants to take a stand against Saudi and Russian dumping of oil on U.S. markets, with what is a textbook argument for tariffs.

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Somebody ALWAYS wants to use the Gooferment to protect themselves from competition.


INTERESTING: Thirsty squirrel BEGS child for water – and finishes off the bottle | Daily Mail Online

A parched squirrel polished off a bottle of water in one long gulp. In astonishing footage, the squirrel runs after a child and stands on its hind legs, stretching out its front paws to beg for the bottle.

Source: Thirsty squirrel BEGS child for water – and finishes off the bottle | Daily Mail Online

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A parched squirrel polished off a bottle of water in one long gulp. In astonishing footage, the squirrel runs after a child and stands on its hind legs, stretching out its front paws to beg for the bottle. It is not clear where the video was captured but the people in it sound American. One viewer on social media said of urban squirrels: ‘It only takes one person to offer them water from a bottle for them to know what a water bottle is.’

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I know that they are just “rats”, but the intelligent adaption is fascinating.


HEROIC: Marcel Marceau’s greatest performance was to use skills to save Jewish children from the Nazis | Daily Mail Online

Marcel Marceau personally smuggled at least 70 youngsters out of France and across the Alps to Switzerland, rescuing them from almost certain slaughter in the concentration camps.

Source: Marcel Marceau’s greatest performance was to use skills to save Jewish children from the Nazis | Daily Mail Online

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Marcel Marceau, left, personally smuggled at least 70 youngsters out of France and across the Alps to Switzerland, rescuing them from almost certain slaughter in the concentration camps. After the war, he rarely discussed his role in the Resistance, top right. Now, 13 years after the actor’s death, the extraordinary untold story of how he used mime to defy Hitler’s stormtroopers has been turned into a Hollywood film, starring Jesse Eisenberg as Marceau, bottom right. He was born in 1923, the son of a kosher butcher from Poland and his Ukrainian wife Anne, who fled West to escape anti-Semitism before World War I and settled in Strasbourg, on the French-German border. In May 1940, as the Germans rushed West to occupy the Netherlands and Belgium in a matter of days, the family fled to Limoges in central France, hoping Hitler’s forces would not reach them. They had just two hours to pack their bags

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I didn’t know that.

Takes a lot of chutzpah to take that risk!


INTERNET: Cloudflare DNS breaks the internet


“This afternoon we saw an outage across some parts of our network. It was not as a result of an attack,” said Cloudflare DNS on their blog just a few minutes ago after over an hour of interruption earlier Friday. “It appears a router on our global backbone announced bad routes and caused some portions of the network to not be available. We believe we have addressed the root cause and are monitoring systems for stability now.”

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Interesting.  I wonder what else broke?


HEALTH: Now “we” are beginning to peel back the “onion” of knowledge


Scientists identify six different types of coronavirus with increasing severity levels
Henry Bodkin, The Telegraph•July 17, 2020
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People most vulnerable to Covid-19 can now be given support and early interventions – AFP

Six distinct types of coronavirus have been identified by scientists in a breakthrough that promises to save lives by flagging the highest-risk patients.

Analysis of thousands of cases by artificial intelligence software has revealed different “clusters” of symptoms and ranked them in order of severity.

Headache and loss of smell are common to all six groupings, but the range of symptoms varies widely after that.

Scientists at King’s College London (KCL) found that patients with the sixth type of Covid-19 are nearly 10 times more likely to end up needing breathing support than patients in the first group.

This is significant because often patients only deteriorate to a critical stage several days after after showing symptoms. The new ranking system should flag up the highest-risk cases and give doctors the opportunity to intervene earlier.

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Not only that, but maybe “we” can differentiate between “cases” and “deaths” with something a little more granular and a lot less intrusive in daily life.

And, reopen the economy without “face diapering” diktats.

Like all other “one size fits all” diktats by Gooferment politicians and bureaucrats, this one is immoral, ineffective, and inefficient. As well as untrustworthy.

Let’s be safe … intelligently.



GOVERNACIDE: The “death penalty” is power the Gooferment should not be trusted with


White supremacist Daniel Lewis Lee – who murdered family of three – is put to death by lethal injection in first federal execution in 17 years as he screams ‘I didn’t do it’ just hours after Supreme Court’s 5-4 vote

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Once again as pro-life pro-choice little L libertarian, I don’t see how the Gooferment has the power to kill its citizens and residents.

In the extreme, if someone is too dangerous to contain, then they should be free to wander the wilderness, cut off from society’s benefits.

Else, it’s just like the death camps.


LIBERTY: The Tyranny of the Experts, by Sean Gangol

Yes, I find it downright painful to hear somebody act like he’s an expert, when he hasn’t done the tenth of the research that I have on the subject. That being said I think the notion of letting the experts do all the thinking is downright ludicrous. It is true that Europeans and certain Canadians like to let the so-called experts do all the thinking. I remember this Canadian woman who posted under the name of Socialist Butterfly on the old My Space forum who called me ignorant, when I said that I didn’t agree with the conclusion made by The World Health Organization on which nation had the best healthcare. When I asked why she called me ignorant, she said it was because I ignored a conclusion made by experts. There was also a British soccer player on the forum, who was much more polite than that snooty woman from Canada, but he couldn’t comprehend how I could possibly question the self-proclaimed experts who resided at the WHO either. I would later come to realization that I probably shouldn’t have wasted my time arguing with a fool who called herself Socialist Butterfly. I also realized that I should have asked the nice soccer player from Great Britain how one is to decide who the experts are.

Source: The Tyranny of the Experts, by Sean Gangol

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So how does “We, The Sheeple” “decide who the experts are.”?

I’m an “expert” in my wants, needs, and desires.  So who are the politicians and bureaucrats to tell me I’m “wrong”?


VOCABULARY: A Bartender explains “tolerance”


In 1945, a philosopher named Karl Popper introduced a concept that he called the paradox of tolerance. “Unlimited tolerance must lead to the disappearance of tolerance,” he wrote. “If we extend unlimited tolerance even to those who are intolerant, if we are not prepared to defend a tolerant society against the onslaught of the intolerant, then the tolerant will be destroyed, and tolerance with them.” In other words, if society is tolerant without any limits, the intolerant people will eventually destroy it. “We should therefore claim, in the name of tolerance, the right not to tolerate the intolerant,” Karl Popper wrote.

Bartender Savagely Kicks A Polite Nazi Customer Out Of His Bar And Explains Why It’s Important To Do So


—Bored Panda

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Reminds me of @Stephen K. Trynosky’s tales about his Dad.


JOBSEARCH: QR Card — Your business card on the smartphone lock screen

“ Hi hunters! I made this application because I was tired of paper business cards. An ordinary card can simply be thrown out or lost. Contact in a smartphone is a completely different matter. QR Card makes contact exchange as quick and convenient as possible.

Source: QR Card — Your business card on the smartphone lock screen

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Seems like a GREAT idea.


POLITICAL: Goya ‘buy-cott’ begins as customers load up on product after Trump backlash

“My brother came up with a terrific idea and I am encouraging all to join me in purchasing $10 worth of Goya Foods products and donating them to your local food bank,” self-described “conservatarian” radio host Mike Opelka wrote on Twitter. “Let’s push a BUY-cott, not a boycott. Let’s show the #Goyaway people what compassion can do.

Source: Goya ‘buy-cott’ begins as customers load up on product after Trump backlash | Fox Business

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Sounds like a positive way to express an opinion!


LIBERTARIAN: AOC and GOYA, by L. Neil Smith

Attribute to L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise

Judging from my e-mail, and lack of feedback, I believe I’m being “shadow-banned” by the People’s Soviet Facebook. This is what I wrote recently. Judge for yourself.America’s crazy ex-girlfriend, Sandy the Bartender, has called for a boycott of Goya Foods because its CEO says we are “blessed” to have Donald Trump as President.My family eats more Mexican food than any other kind, but I had not heard of this brand before. Now, thanks to AOC’s fascist effort to muzzle those who won’t toe her Marxist-Leninist-Stalinist line, I have asked my lovely and talented wife to start buying Goya.I’m sure that others have had the same impulse, which could lead to a Goya sales boom. Therefore I suggest that Occasional-Cortex be investigated to see if she holds stock in the company which she knew would go up when she launched one of her hysterical collectivist tirades against it.What do you think?

Source: AOC and GOYA, by L. Neil Smith

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Buy Goya and annoy AOC?


VETERANS: 2 Vets and the tragic V.A. waiting list (PODCAST) | Sharyl Attkisson

How the lives of two veterans intersected in a tragic way, revealing serious problems in the system intended to help soldiers with Traumatic Brain Injury.

Source: 2 Vets and the tragic V.A. waiting list (PODCAST) | Sharyl Attkisson

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You can’t listen to this and not be ENRAGED at the politicians and bureaucrats of the Veterans Administration.

I know that the Gooferment is immoral, ineffective, and inefficient. As well as untrustworthy. But in this case, they have “outdone” themselves with possibly criminal neglect of of returning combat vets with Brain Trauma Disorder (BTD) and PTSD.

I pray for my fellow vets and will ask any politician seeking my vote what they have done on this issue, if anything.


HISTORICAL: How one woman pulled off the first consumer boycott – and helped inspire the British to abolish slavery

Consumers boycotts, which put power into the hands of people of even modest income and can lend a sense of “doing something” in the face of injustice, have a mixed track record. There have been some notable successes, such as consumer-led efforts to end apartheid in South Africa. But others, such as boycotts of the National Rifle Association and of Israel, have yielded little.

Source: How one woman pulled off the first consumer boycott – and helped inspire the British to abolish slavery

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Even though she didn’t see the results — like Moses unable to enter the Promised Land — she did it!

Never give up.


NEWJERSEY: Murphy hints at tax hikes, schools might not reopen in Sept (July 11, 2020) – nj.com

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Murphy hints tax hikes in N.J. are likely because of coronavirus. Gov. Phil Murphy made the comments as he reached a deal on a plan to authorize the state borrow billions of dollars to help balance the state budget amid the pandemic.

*** and ***

Might N.J. schools not reopen this fall because of coronavirus? Murphy hints it’s possible. Gov. Phil Murphy said Friday he still expects New Jersey’s schools to physically reopen in the fall — but he left open the possibility that could change if there are major concerns with the coronavirus pandemic.

*** end quote ***

Source: Coronavirus updates: Murphy hints at tax hikes, schools might not reopen in Sept.; Will there be NFL football? What you need to know (July 11, 2020) – nj.com

Anyone asking why we need to pay higher taxes and the Gooferment Skrules will be closed!


Radio Host ‘Karen’ Attacks Non-English-Speaking Workers, Gets Fired

2:06 PM PT — Dianna Ploss just got fired from her radio gig in New Hampshire. WSMN 1590 issued the following statement, “Dianna Ploss is no longer associated or affiliated in any way with  WSMN or Bartis-Russell Broadcasting, LLC.”

Source: Radio Host ‘Karen’ Attacks Non-English-Speaking Workers, Gets Fired

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I don’t understand why she felt she was the “language police”!


The Great Covid-19 Deception and What You Need to Know to Survive, by Gary Heavin – The Unz Review

How does Big Pharma have so much control over the dissemination of this information or should I say propaganda? Well, the same answer pops up again, money. Big Pharma gave $2 billion dollars during the last election cycle to US politicians. Big AG, the military/security complex and big oil each gave only a paltry $1.0 billion dollars to buy the votes of our political leadership.

Source: The Great Covid-19 Deception and What You Need to Know to Survive, by Gary Heavin – The Unz Review


JOBSEARCH: Relate — A New iPhone & iPad App for Relationship Building

Montana-based indie developer Samuel Coe has just released Relate , a new iOS/iPadOS app for building stronger relationships. It’s basically tailor-made for people like me who are a little…shall we say, absent-minded when it comes to making and maintaining connections with people.

Source: Relate — A New iPhone & iPad App for Relationship Building

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Montana-based indie developer Samuel Coe has just released Relate, a new iOS/iPadOS app for building stronger relationships. It’s basically tailor-made for people like me who are a little…shall we say, absent-minded when it comes to making and maintaining connections with people.

Essentially, Relate lets you create relationship “profiles” for the people you care about, where you can fill in details about each person (birthdays, etc) and make notes about interactions and important moments you’ve had with them (or would like to have later). You can also set up alerts that remind you to keep in touch, because goodness knows I’m terrible at that. Ask anyone in my family, they’ll tell you.

*** end quote ***

Seems like an IDEAL networking tool.

Unfortunately no web interface.  And IPHONE / IPAD only!