INTERNET: PayPal is getting political?


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I love PayPal and use it frequently. I’m concerned that PayPal is getting into politics when it “deplatforms” others for political reasons. If this happens, then I will be forced to “deplatform” PayPal. If there’s a crime going on, that’s one thing. If it’s just “hate speech” or other “politically correct” bad behavior, then that’s none of PayPal’s concern. IMHO

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Can you hear me? How greater wifi access can empower the disconnected – WikiTribune

People in signal ‘not spots’ and remote areas have another way to seamlessly connect, but many still lack decent internet

Source: Can you hear me? How greater wifi access can empower the disconnected – WikiTribune

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“Not Spots”!

Unfortunately, everything comes at a cost.

As far as I’ve seen, all the public libraries have free internet.

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INTERNET: Is there such a thing as “fitbit hypochondria”?

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Zuccon argues the resultant “cyberchondria” people experience — the fear that they have something worse than they actually do — isn’t entirely people’s fault. The Internet isn’t a luxury anymore. People demand up-to-the-minute information about their health, and the tools of search engines must be smart enough to accommodate that need. Unfortunately, the sites’ algorithms prioritize results according to different metrics.

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In the last decade, I’ve been a bad sleeper. I charged it off to old age. My last primary care physician said “normal for my age” and to ignore it.

Well, I ,too, got a fitbit to track my sleep.

And this is a typical night:

FITBIT  1  1

A typical crappy night for me.

But what shocked me was this picture:


Now I am freaking out. Did my heart stop at some point? I have NEVER seen this before; I’ve been watching for the last few months.

OR have I now “infected” myself with the “fitbit hypochondria” virus (akin to the Doctor Google hypochondria)? It’s a meme-borne virus of the brain!


First thought was to RUN to a cardiologist I know.  Second thought was to stop looking at data that I neither could understand, interpret, or take action on.  Third thought was to bring it up to my new primary care provider at a already scheduled appointment in a few weeks. (Assuming I survive that long! If I don’t, I don’t have a care in the world and my “inheritors” will be happy. Not as happy as if I won the powerball, but still happy.)

So, wish me luck while I wait.

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INTERNET: To leave Apple — or not?

Perhaps it’s time to leave Apple, its crappy planned obsolesce strategy, and its mediocre software behind once and for all.


* What do I lose completely?

* Is the decision iPhone / MacBookAir versus Samsung / Chromebook or mix and match?

* My current iphone5 has at least two bugs: 
    — no sound other than podcast and alarms. Annoying but not a killer.
    — Address Book doesn’t sync. Annoying and maybe a killer.

* My MacBookAir will probably soon be obsolete?


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INTERNET: The inet exposed the mainstream media as “propaganda organs” of the elite

Willie Nelson Comes to Jocotepec: The Internet and Social Fragmentation
By Fred Reed
February 12, 2016

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The aggregate effect was a manufactured unanimity or the appearance of one. In the post-war prosperity, Americans bought washing machines and tract houses and were content. Television was wholesome, sterile, and not very informative. Superman jumped out of window to promote truth, justice, and the American way, then thought to be related.

Came the internet. Fairly suddenly, every point of view became available to everybody: The KKK, the Black Panthers, communists, fascists, feminists, loon left and loon right, the-earth-is-flatters. The social media and comment sections allowed lateral communication with a vengeance.

A consequence was that the major media became known for what they were, propaganda organs of those who ran the country. Stories that the fossil media would have liked to ignore flew instantly to hundreds of thousands of inboxes, appeared on countless blogs and websites—often with cell-cam video.

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I think this is an astute observation. That and the aspect of “lateral communication”.

“Lateral thinking” has been around for awhile and helps one “see” missed choices and find missed solutions.

The Free State Project would have been virtually impossible without the inet.

In my own profession of computer engineering, the inet has exposed that most large corporations have NO disaster recovery. Sure they can put files in the cloud, but can they restart their business after a data center is wiped out. Timing is everything. But the leadership wants to play “ostrich” and waste money believing their IT executives. Interesting that this big bluff has yet to be “called” yet.

What else has the inet silently revolutionized without being realized?

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INTERNET: Interesting failure

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REUTERS/Joshua Lott

Time Warner Cable’s services have been restored after suffering a significant outage early on Wednesday.

“At 4:30 a.m. ET today, during routine network maintenance, an issue with our Internet backbone created disruption with our Internet and On Demand services,” the company explained, in a statement emailed to “As of 6 a.m. ET services were largely restored, as updates continue to bring all affected customers back online.”

Time Warner Cable spokesman Scott Pryzwansky told that the company is still investigating the root cause of the outage, and, at this stage, is unable to provide a definitive number of affected customers

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Wonder if this is a justification for the Comcast merger?

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