INTERNET: Is there such a thing as “fitbit hypochondria”?

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Zuccon argues the resultant “cyberchondria” people experience — the fear that they have something worse than they actually do — isn’t entirely people’s fault. The Internet isn’t a luxury anymore. People demand up-to-the-minute information about their health, and the tools of search engines must be smart enough to accommodate that need. Unfortunately, the sites’ algorithms prioritize results according to different metrics.

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In the last decade, I’ve been a bad sleeper. I charged it off to old age. My last primary care physician said “normal for my age” and to ignore it.

Well, I ,too, got a fitbit to track my sleep.

And this is a typical night:

FITBIT  1  1

A typical crappy night for me.

But what shocked me was this picture:


Now I am freaking out. Did my heart stop at some point? I have NEVER seen this before; I’ve been watching for the last few months.

OR have I now “infected” myself with the “fitbit hypochondria” virus (akin to the Doctor Google hypochondria)? It’s a meme-borne virus of the brain!


First thought was to RUN to a cardiologist I know.  Second thought was to stop looking at data that I neither could understand, interpret, or take action on.  Third thought was to bring it up to my new primary care provider at a already scheduled appointment in a few weeks. (Assuming I survive that long! If I don’t, I don’t have a care in the world and my “inheritors” will be happy. Not as happy as if I won the powerball, but still happy.)

So, wish me luck while I wait.

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