GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Defund the Smithsonian!

Smithsonian Institution Explains That ‘Rationality’ & ‘Hard Work’ Are Racist
by Tyler Durden
Tue, 07/21/2020 – 20:25

*** begin quote ***

After an online outcry, the Smithsonian removed the chart on Thursday night — but not with any denunciation of the chart’s content, only the bland understatement that the chart turned out to “not contribute to the productive discussion” they had wished for. Of course, the lack of “productive discussion” shouldn’t have surprised, given the shoddy scholarship it reflected. The original chart contained a single footnote linking to a one-page PDF asserting, sans evidence, that traits such as “hard work,” “self-reliance,” and politeness “are common characteristics of most U.S. White people most of the time.”

*** end quote ***

This is my tax dollars at work even though I would NOT fund it if I had a choice.  Too PC for me.

At least in the free market, I get to fund the stuff that represents my choices.  Hell, even I don’t always agree with some organizations all the time, I still kick in.


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