LIBERTY: The Tyranny of the Experts, by Sean Gangol

Yes, I find it downright painful to hear somebody act like he’s an expert, when he hasn’t done the tenth of the research that I have on the subject. That being said I think the notion of letting the experts do all the thinking is downright ludicrous. It is true that Europeans and certain Canadians like to let the so-called experts do all the thinking. I remember this Canadian woman who posted under the name of Socialist Butterfly on the old My Space forum who called me ignorant, when I said that I didn’t agree with the conclusion made by The World Health Organization on which nation had the best healthcare. When I asked why she called me ignorant, she said it was because I ignored a conclusion made by experts. There was also a British soccer player on the forum, who was much more polite than that snooty woman from Canada, but he couldn’t comprehend how I could possibly question the self-proclaimed experts who resided at the WHO either. I would later come to realization that I probably shouldn’t have wasted my time arguing with a fool who called herself Socialist Butterfly. I also realized that I should have asked the nice soccer player from Great Britain how one is to decide who the experts are.

Source: The Tyranny of the Experts, by Sean Gangol

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So how does “We, The Sheeple” “decide who the experts are.”?

I’m an “expert” in my wants, needs, and desires.  So who are the politicians and bureaucrats to tell me I’m “wrong”?