RANT: This whole kerfuffle is dumb


Responding to yesterday’s question on Secretary of State Rex Tillerson denying longstanding rumors about his possible resignation, Allan Muns of Texas wrote: “Why does the press continue to speculate that Mr. Tillerson called the president a moron? And if he did, who cares? Mr. Tillerson can either do his job or resign. Full stop. The president has an excellent candidate for secretary of state currently minding the United Nations for our country: Nikki Haley.” Robert Hugins of South Carolina said: “Mr. Tillerson’s toughest diplomatic challenge doubtless is his mercurial boss. Good luck with that. Regarding the questionable ‘moron’ news story, are staffers inside the State Department and on the Hill who oppose the secretary’s departmental reforms fanning this account?” And John Davis of Pennsylvania commented: “This whole kerfuffle has no more credence than the tabloids in the supermarket checkout line. Mr. Tillerson should have said as much.”

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Who cares? 

I’ve called a boss “Hitler” to his face when he voiced an intrusive stupid idea. He often called me a “good pia”.

Strong individuals should disagree. 

Not every idea that DJT45 has is a good one. 

A President needs the privacy to be told off by his trusted advisors without it becoming a political football.


Didn’t Harry Truman’s personal aide “censor” his “rants”? When the fellow died, his replacement didn’t realize this role and hence we heard HST rant about a reported criticizing his daughter’s singing. 


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