FUN: Had a “housewarming” party

Folks for work came over.

After action report:

* Folks were shy to start eating.

* Saji got the Karaoke machine working; no takers. (Guess not enough beer.)

* Everyone seemed to have a good time.

* My camera died again. 

* No breakage.

* Folks laughed at the contents of my freezer.

* Some expressed interest in my books

* Some one liked my green IKEA “desk” (really a board with two boxes in garish green)

* Folks toured and made polite noises (What were they going to say: “fool!”?)

* Dukie, the Realtor, thought the transformation was dramatic.

* Steve smoked a “see gar” on the porch; that smell will drive the skeeters from NOVA for a year!

Lessons Learned:

* Famous Daves — good; more meat, less beans, less beans.

* Less beer; Less soda; More wine. (Who knew!) 

* More notice; better directions; few more chairs.

* Bigger doggie bags.

* Wednesday after work seemed to please everyone to dodge the traffic


* Fun

* Folks telling me to save stuff for the next party

* Groan when I suggested it might be the wake.

* Folks said “now we know where you live …”

* Identified as an “overflow conference facility”

* Laughs about “Oscar and Felix”

* Folks want more get togethers.

# – # – # – # – #   

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